Solipsism – Are you sure what you know is the reality?

Solipsism is a philosophical theory, which asserts that nothing exists but the individual’s consciousness. At first, it seems silly, but if you think about it, it really is impossible to verify anything but your own consciousness. To check this out, take a moment to recall all the dreams that you have experienced in your life. […]


  In spite of it being a Sunday, Rohan wasn’t excited about his favorite cartoon program in the television. He was just sitting in his room, looking out of the window, his tiny little mind filled with thousand questions today. Usually, Sundays are Rohan’s favorite; like most  other kids. He would come back from Sunday […]

Stunning truth about our mythology.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on ancient mythology of Indian culture, few of the most shocking outcome from it are: Before you read this I am want to clarify that I DO NOT WANT TO DISRESPECT ANY RELIGION OR GOD. I have utmost respect for the divine power. I am merely sharing the […]