Thappad se darr lagta hai sahab

थप्पड़ से डर लगता है और प्यार से भी मैँ आम आदमी हूँ साहब मुझे आम के दाम से भी डर लगता है भगवान् को मानता हूँ पर अँधेरे में जाने से घबराता हूँ मैँ आम आदमी हूँ साहब डर के पूजा पाठ करता हूँ भूत क्या बला है में तो इंसान से भी डरता […]

Aye ashq… mein tumhen laaun kahan se…

Video based on a poem I’ve written about a girl who’s lost the love of her life a long time back. It’s been long time and she is done crying for him… or she thinks does… Beautifully voiced by the famous Rj Adaa herself.. Enjoy Thank you for watching.

Are you really spiritual? Or you love to think so. Religion Vs Spirituality.

Most of the people you talk to will tell you that they are very spiritual. When you ask them what do they mean by being spiritual, often the answer would be… “Well I am devoted to God,” or “I worship to God every day,” “I go to temple/Church or other religious institutions regularly,” etc. Spirituality […]

Anikinesis or Animal telekinesis

One of my friend (Umesh aka Bunty) and I would often discuss that there must be a way to talk to animals. He being a software engineer and I am an artist, we often ponder on the notion on how can we collaborate and devise a mechanism to talk to our friend Teddy. Teddy is […]

11 Reasons you are much better then you think you are.

1. Life is simple don’t complicate it. Life is perfectly imperfect. Don’t be in a race to be perfect but more important is be kind. Be nice and sensitive. Reduce the anger within you. The anger, jealousy within you is actually your ego. “How can he do that to me? How dare he do that or […]