Thappad se darr lagta hai sahab

थप्पड़ से डर लगता है और प्यार से भी मैँ आम आदमी हूँ साहब मुझे आम के दाम से भी डर लगता है भगवान् को मानता हूँ पर अँधेरे में जाने से घबराता हूँ मैँ आम आदमी हूँ साहब डर के पूजा पाठ करता हूँ भूत क्या बला है में तो इंसान से भी डरता […]

Oh faak I am not anymore obaak. India this year.

There’s a silly poem in Bengali, which goes like this: “Shokale bechana theke uthe Jaalnaar Baaire dekhi ekta kaak… Shokale bechana theke uthe Jaalnaar baire gaacher dale dekhi ekta kaak… Shokale bechana theke uthe Jaalnaar baire gaacher dale dekhi Duto kaak… Oh faak aami to obaak” The meaning of this poem is “this guy wakes […]

List of best Indian cinema. Esko nai dekha to kya khaak dekha.

Have you ever thought that how would you ever know what is best if you have never seen or experienced it? One of my very dear friend told me that she watches movies which she likes, unlike me who pays attention to details and technicalities of it. The fact is I don’t. The only difference […]

Aye ashq… mein tumhen laaun kahan se…

Video based on a poem I’ve written about a girl who’s lost the love of her life a long time back. It’s been long time and she is done crying for him… or she thinks does… Beautifully voiced by the famous Rj Adaa herself.. Enjoy Thank you for watching.

Are you raising a rapist in your house?

Do you remember the first time you drove a car? Like me, I am sure you were so conscious about everything around you. I couldn’t talk, couldn’t listen to music and was focused on driving the car without getting a scratch. But as I continued to drive regularly, after 2 or 3 months something amazing […]