Thappad se darr lagta hai sahab

थप्पड़ से डर लगता है और प्यार से भी मैँ आम आदमी हूँ साहब मुझे आम के दाम से भी डर लगता है भगवान् को मानता हूँ पर अँधेरे में जाने से घबराता हूँ मैँ आम आदमी हूँ साहब डर के पूजा पाठ करता हूँ भूत क्या बला है में तो इंसान से भी डरता […]

Good Morning :)

I saw you in my dreams, You came wearing something funny, I remember, you dressed like a pink bunny In the bunny suit, you looked so cute… Cute… cute… cute… I kept saying that, until… You threw the remote on me and I went mute. You came out of bunny suit, wearing a lovely Sari, […]

To Ro Diye

To ro diye… Pucha kisi ne haal kisi ka to ro diye Saya koi khyaal se guzraa to ro diya Aap ki aansu mein ansuu dekh kar, Aaj apne gham ka andaaza huaa.. Anjaam humne ishq ka socha to ro diye. Kis khoobsurti se chaandni mein bikhri hai raat Paani mein aks chaand ka dekta […]

‘Just Us’ league. Batman’s vision explained.

Deep down, Clark’s essentially a good person… and deep down, I’m not. – Batman. SPOILER ALERT We waited 50 years for this.. and finally it’s here. And what a visual treat for the comics fan. A tad bit disappointing in parts but still it’s a must see. It has some very high points and goosebump […]

You might be suffering from this disease and it might kill you. Are you aware?

What do we do when we are hurt, or cut ourselves or down with a fever? We tend to it. We fix our wound or clean the cut or take medication for the fever. We keep ourselves clean, we maintain hygiene… right!! But when about psychological health or emotional hygiene? Do we do anything about that? […]

A dozen of ridiculous things that will make you bang your head in a wall.

Here are some most absurd things people are made to do and made to believe in North Korea. Allowing dust to collect on a portrait of Kim Il-Sung was an offense that carried a prison sentence. So did forgetting to wear one’s Kim Il-Sung badge. he Kim regime views suicide as a kind of jailbreak; […]