11:11 Misconception Vs Reality

Half knowledge is more dangerous than ignorance. ps: There’s a video link at the bottom of this article if you don’t like reading. It’s good that people have started noticing the 11:11 pattern. However, it’s not something that you have to wait for to hit in your clock. Wherever you read it, they meant that […]


  In spite of it being a Sunday, Rohan wasn’t excited about his favorite cartoon program in the television. He was just sitting in his room, looking out of the window, his tiny little mind filled with thousand questions today. Usually, Sundays are Rohan’s favorite; like most  other kids. He would come back from Sunday […]

The Big Picture!

Waiting for the shuttle cab in the noisy Gurgaon traffic Gaurav looked at his expensive Swatch wristwatch, it was already 10.15. I’ll be late for work again. Boss is going to rip me apart if I don’t finish that presentation at the end of the day. Why… why can’t she understand? Why does she argues […]

Your physical pain could be related to your emotional blockage.

Have you ever had your heart broken? Have you loved someone, only to realize he just wasn’t that into you? Has anyone ever said something that hurt your feelings? Have you ever felt anxiety, pain or stress? Everything that exists in our universe is made up of energy. We are like fish, swimming in an […]

The Art of Meditation

A common misconception about meditation is that you have to sit a certain way or do something in particular, like be in a yoga position to achieve the various benefits that it can provide. Some people say that that sit cross-legged and place your hands in a certain position to achieve maximum benefit. Absolutely no need. […]