The mysteries of Mussoorie.

Authors note: All characters and events mentioned in the story are not entirely fictitious. Any similarity to actual events or persons, living or dead, or living after death is purely incidental. Chapter 1 There are some places that make you a writer even before you know how to write. There are stories looming at every corner of Mussoorie, […]

The darkest place in the planet.

North Korea or DPRK is both literally and metaphorically the darkest place in the history of mankind.  Literally because there is no electricity in the country (you see that portion in map marked in white), whatever little there is, is in the capital city Pyongyang. Mainly because the royal family and senior leaders and senior ranking […]


Nonentity (n.) non·en·ti·ty (n n- n t -t ). n. pl. non·en·ti·ties. 1. A person regarded as being of no importance or significance. 2. Nonexistence. One day you wake up with a heavy head. You fell like you’ve been sleeping forever. You feel restless, you uneasy, you feel you cant breath. You need to break […]