‘Just Us’ league. Batman’s vision explained.

Deep down, Clark’s essentially a good person… and deep down, I’m not. – Batman.


We waited 50 years for this.. and finally it’s here. And what a visual treat for the comics fan. A tad bit disappointing in parts but still it’s a must see. It has some very high points and goosebump moments. Ben Affleck, to everyone’s surprise, did make the best Bruce Wayne one could have hoped for. A very special delight comes much later in the film as Gal Gadot. She clearly stole the show.
Originally Poison Ivy poisons Sups to fight Bats. Meanwhile, the master-of-staying-10-steps-ahead Bats with the help of Catwoman (who you’ll see in the next installment of the series) drops Lois from a highrise to break Sups spell and it does. Later they become friends was adapted well by giving the role to Lexy. But why was Eisenhower acting skills looked like SRK I don’t know.
If you are one who waits for people’s review of their cinematic experience and then go to watch a movie.. tch tch.. then stay home but if you are comics fan or movies fan.. it’s a much watch in a big screen (if you can find imax watch it only in imax).
I am going to watch it 2-3 more times. #BatmanvSuperman
ps: Most of you thought that Batman’s ‘Knightmare’ or visions in the movie were unnecessary or that it didn’t make sense. It may seem so if you don’t know the comics well. It wasn’t just a dream or nightmare… it was ‘premonition’. A preview of what’s coming. 
When Lexy tells Batsy in the last scene that the ‘Bells have rung and it can’t be unrung’, he was referring to the arrival of Darksedi. In the ‘Knightmare’ which not only features the villain’s signature mark (the “Omega” symbol), it also depicts Darkseid’s winged minions, known as parademons. Add to that the out-of-nowhere “message” from The Flash, warning Batsy that he was always right about “Him (Sups),” and a different picture begins to take shape. ‘He’ will be the center of the war, which is coming (either JLA side or Darkseid) 
‘He’ will be the center of the war, which is coming (either JLA side or Darkseid). And to stop him there will be Wonderwoman, Flash, Cyborg and Aquaman… and baap of them all… Batman. “How he does it? Coz he’s Batman” (I love this line from “How it should have ended by Hishe’s
If I tell you anything more it’ll be a huge spoiler for the next two upcoming parts. 

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