My embarrassing valentine

It’s has been more than 6 months since I’ve dated. Being a single-working-woman in man’s world is tough, it takes a lot out of you. Deadlines, pressure and projects were three major unwanted elements in my life for quite some time now. I decided to take a break from mundane work life and go out with my friends on Valentines day. My friends, who would often complain that I don’t give them time, were quite surprised that I called them to make the plan for Saturday night, which was also Valentines day. It was all set, four desperate, hot, single women’s night out. One of my friends made the reservations in Hard rock café for that evening. It was all set.

I had selected beautiful deep blue evening dress; let my shoulder length straight hair openly fall on my shoulders with high heel matching shoes. I was looking quite pretty, one might say. We reached the place and were guided to the table we had reserved. All of us settled down and ordered our drinks, enjoying the music and having a pleasant conversation. We were about to order the third round of drink when the waiter came up to me and kept a glass of cosmopolitan in front of me. I looked at the waiter with a question mark on my face, he politely pointed out to a gentleman at the barstool. When I looked at him he rose his glass and smiled at me. I couldn’t help myself notice what a handsome looking man he was, dressed in black suit, hair neatly gelled back and wearing a most charming smile I’ve ever seen. My heart skipped a beat, I blushed as I accepted the drink.

My friends who were doing ooh’s and aah’s started to push me to go and talk to him. How long has it been since I hooked up with a good looking random guy at the bar? I thought to myself. While I was in a dilemma on what to do, I guess he sensed my predicament and came up to our table and politely asked if I’d fancy a dance with him. I blushed a little more, while my friends literally pushed my out of my chair to go for it.

On the dance floor on one of the slow numbers he held me close in his strong arms, his body pressing up against mine, I felt weak on my knees. I wanted to kiss him and that was the only thing at the top of my head. I was losing control. Right at that one weak moment, he brought his face close to mine and I like a fool went ahead and kissed him. He was surprised and I was embarrassed when I realized that he wanted to say something in my ear. He smiled and asked me if I wanted to get out for some fresh air. I simply nodded positively. We sneaked out and took a long walk holding hands and ended up near his apartment. He invited me to his place for some wine.

Let me explain why did I accept his invitation. First of all, I was high, secondly, he was irresistible and thirdly, he said that it was his birthday and he didn’t want to be alone. The apartment was nice and cozy, as we entered there was a huge couch a center table along with it and couple of bean bag’s. He asked me to make myself at home while he excused himself and disappeared in the adjacent room. I chose to sit down on one of the beanbags, adjust my dress. I looked around and saw few photo frames on a small table near the sitting area. In one of the picture, he was with an elderly lady, I figured it was his mother, he looked quite like her. In other photo frames, he was some random people in different poses, looked like his friends. One picture caught my eye in which he was hugging a pretty lady from behind; both of them had a grin on their face. I picked up that frame to have a closer look. A pang of jealousy ran down me for some strange reasons. Here I was on a first date with a handsome looking smart guy in his apartment and I am already jealous seeing him with some girl who could well be his sister for all I know.

“She is Neha, my first cousin. We are very close.” He said standing at the door of the kitchen with a wine bottle and two empty glasses.

“Oh I was just checking your photos, hope you don’t mind!” I said meekly.

“That’s all right, I don’t mind.” While saying that he filled the glass and extended towards me, and sat down on the beanbag next to mine.

After taking a sip, I asked him casually “How come your friends are not here on your birthday?”

“Well, I am surprised myself; no one called me today as well”

“Aww that’s sad, but don’t worry I am here to celebrate the special day with you” I said seductively smiling at him.

He came close and said “I am really glad that you are here” saying that he dimmed the lights. He then came close and sat very close to me.

He was so close that I could feel his breath, I could smell the cologne. We looked at each other and the time stopped. I could only hear my heart beating. I didn’t even realize when my lips were on his. It was most sensual and passionate moment I had in years. He was very gentle and sweet. Slowly the intensity of the kiss was increasing and our hands started to roam over each others body. I felt the zip at the back of my dress opening slowly. I didn’t mind that at all, in fact if he didn’t do it, I would have done it myself. In no time, we were out of our clothes and in our undergarments.

Engrossed in such romantic moment, totally high on love and passion and was about to go to the next step when he suddenly stopped and got up, and went for his wallet. It was a rude shock for me. I said “What are doing? Why are you taking out money? What do you think of me? I can’t believe you thought I am some kind of… a whore” I got up in a haste and was seething with rage.

“Err.. I was just getting a condom” he said.

I flushed. “Oh! I see. I thought… oh never mind. Silly me” is all I could say embarrassed.

“Damn it.” he said.

“What?” I said fearing the worst.

“I am out of it, shit how can I be so careless? Honey, you be right here, in this same position, don’t move and I’ll back in a flash, there’s a medical store just across the road.”

“But…” before I could finish the sentence he was out of the door.

I sat there in my lacy undergarments, looking and feeling all sexy. I took the half-finished glass of wine and started sipping it. Before I could finish the drink the doorbell rang. I thought to myself that was fast, seems like he is more desperate than me. Smiling on my own thoughts, I got up, walked to the door in my undergarments holding the glass of wine in one hand. As I unlocked the doorknob, someone pushed opened the door. I fell few steps back, a whole bunch of people came in switched on the lights and shouted “SURPRISE!!”

I froze there in a shock and so were they. Same girl from the picture was standing right in front with a huge cake box in her hand with her jaw wide open. There were two elderly people looked like his parents and bunch of other guys and girls.

(I ran into a room, someone handed me my clothes which were lying on the floor. I stormed out of his apartment, I heard someone ran behind me to stop and stay back and some busted out laughing. So much for a Saturday night!)


“This post is a part of #LoveAndLaughter activity at BlogAdda in association with Caratlane.”

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