A dozen of ridiculous things that will make you bang your head in a wall.

Here are some most absurd things people are made to do and made to believe in North Korea.

Allowing dust to collect on a portrait of Kim Il-Sung was an offense that carried a prison sentence. So did forgetting to wear one’s Kim Il-Sung badge.

he Kim regime views suicide as a kind of jailbreak; it responds by punishing a dead citizen’s children. They can be reclassified as “hostile,” which denies them access to universities and limits job prospects.

People in North Korea often find out that certain person is their relative when they are arrested for that relatives crimes. The three generation of punishment means that the entire family (including parents, children and relatives) go to prison or prison camps.

All North Koreans must abide by one of 28 state-approved haircuts.

You can’t fold, curl or throw away or put a newspaper on the ground if there’s a picture of Kim Jong Un or other eternal leaders on it. Every day there’s only his picture on the nation’s newspapers.

You cannot talk about Kim Il Sung’s year of birth, because he is eternal.

In case of fire rescue Kim Il Sung’s portrait first then yourself and your family, if not you’ll be put in jail. There are special bunkers for his statues in case of war. People are not allowed in those bunkers. Does Mayawati seem less evil now?

The world is not in 2016 but in year 105 in North Korea because the world came out from the dick of Kim Il Sung.

Most of the buildings are named after the dates visited by their beloved leader. Eg: “Honey I am going to 14th Sept. to get our paper stamped. Ok sure but make sure you pick up little Kim Un dick from 6th Nov.”

Minju Joson, the North Korean newspaper, stated that Kim Jong-Il invented a brand new sandwich and named it, “double bread with meat” as a way to supply ‘quality’ food to University teachers and students. Kim then built a plant, used for mass hamburger production. According to North Koreans, Kim Jong-Il is the true inventor of the hamburger.

Kim Jong-Il shot a round of golf that was record breaking, 38 under par on a regulation 18-hole golf course. Additionally, five of those shots were a hole-in-one and that was his first time playing the sport.

Kim Jong-Il was reportedly a magical or supernatural or some other-worldly person. His official biography states that he did not use a toilet, because he did not need to – meaning he did not defecate or urinate. Now you know why is the entire Kim generation is so full of shit.




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