The darkest place in the planet.

North Korea or DPRK is both literally and metaphorically the darkest place in the history of mankind. 111219-holiday-korea1-120p.photoblog900

Literally because there is no electricity in the country (you see that portion in map marked in white), whatever little there is, is in the capital city Pyongyang. Mainly because the royal family and senior leaders and senior ranking people who serve in the military, also the ‘Elite’ are allowed to live there.

Metaphorically it’s the darkest place in Earth because it’s the cruelest, brutal and heartless place for anyone to live in. Here’s why:

No Freedom of Movement: The entire country is surrounded by electric fence, the little electricity that the country produces is used on the fences. It is illegal for the North Korean people to leave their country without the regime’s permission, and the regime attempts to restrict the people’s movement even inside their own country. If you wish to travel to another part of the country, you need a special permission which is impossible to get if it is not for an official purpose.

There are more dead bodies in Duman river (which separate N.Korea from China) than there are fishes.

No Freedom of Speech:

The people are brainwashed from their birth in such a level that they are not allowed to speak loudly and not even allowed to think. YES, not allowed to think saying that the great leader can hear their thoughts. Criticism of the regime or the leadership in North Korea, if reported, is enough to make you and your family ‘disappear’ from society and end up in a political prison camp. It goes without saying that there is no free media inside the country. The only opinion allowed to be voiced inside the country is the regime’s.


No Freedom of Information:

The schools teach the kids there’s no other coutry outside DPRK that is worth living. And there is only USA, China, South Korea and Japan, and they are the enemies. They have no idea about India or Africa or Europe. The mathematics are taught in the class are like “There are 5 American Bastards, you kill 3 American Bastards, how many left? And the children have to reply “2 American Bastards.” Watching public execution is also part of their curriculam.

=that is worth living. And there is only USA, China, South Korea and Japan, and they are the enemies. They have no idea about India or Africa or Europe. The mathematics are taught in the class are like “There are 5 American Bastards, you kill 3 American Bastards, how many left? And the children have to reply “2 American Bastards.” Watching public execution is also part of their curriculam.

It is illegal to own a tunable radio in North Korea, there is no access to the Internet (except for a few hand-picked and monitored officials), and North Korean landlines and mobile phones cannot make international calls.

No Religious Freedom:download.jpeg

People caught practicing or spreading religion in secret are punished extremely harshly, including by public execution or being sent to political prison camps. They are only suppose to worship and love the ‘beloved supereme leader’. There are some cases that certain people were not “sad enough” at the death anniversary of Kim Jong Il were publically shot.

Chronic Food Shortage:north_korea_famine_children

There is practically nothing much to eat for common people there. Nothing is imported (DPRK doesn’t let other countries to help them with food and medicines as well), agriculture is not supported by extereme harsh climate and by an exteremly harsh government.

In 90’s North Korea faced a famine which clamed millions of lives, about 20% of their population. Most people survived eating grass, barks of trees and grasshoppers and if they managed to catch dragonflies. This has left an entire generation of North Koreans with stunted growth and a higher susceptibility to health problems.

Political Prison Camps:

Though DPRK keeps denying that there are no prison camps but in reality there are about 80,000 to 120,000 people in these camps. Some of them are the size of cities, and they have existed five times as long as the Nazi concentration camps and twice as long as the Soviet Gulags. Many people imprisoned in these camps were not guilty of any crime, but were related to someone who supposedly committed a political crime. Often they have no idea what that crime was, and even children who are born in the camps are raised as prisoners because their ‘blood is guilty’. Forced labor, brutal beatings and death are commonplace.

There are babies who born in the camps (either by the gurds raping the prisioners or by guards telling other prisioners to have sex) and the people who are born in these prisions don’t know anything about life, food, clothes, freedom etc. They are not fed properly so they survive eating rodents and insects.

Collective Punishment

In North Korea, if your relative is persecuted for “anti-state” or “anti-socialist” crimes, then you and three generations of your family can be punished for it. The aim is to remove from society the whole family unit to prevent any dissent from emerging in the future, and also to deter martyrs who might sacrifice themselves for a political cause but would not want to sacrifice their whole family.

It’s called ‘3-generation-punishment’. For example, if you have done something wrong (spoke about the govt. or thought of leaving the country or wore a cloth which was not approved by the govt.) you and your parents and your children will be sent to political prison and you will be publically executed.

Public Executionshqdefault

The North Korean regime publicly executes citizens who have been accused of a variety of crimes, including thinking of leaving the country for food or medicine. Whole communities, including little children, are brought out to watch these executions, which are designed to instill fear amongst the people of doing anything that could be seen as against the regime’s wishes.

Basic Amenities:

The people of North Korea don’t what a bread is or what fruits are… can you believe this? There is no salary system there, they get a handful of ration from the govt. for the work they do. There are very few shops and very few things to buy even for the better class… soap, most foodstuffs, underwear, medicines and hundreds of other things are scarce. Elevators do not work. Bathtubs are for water storage. Toilets do not flush without a bucket. Stores use candles for lighting.

One woman who managed to escape the country alive later said that when she got into military she was given a bag full of supplies and in that there was a pack of sanitary pads. It was an alien thing to her at first, she didn’t know what was it used for until she was told and then she danced in joy like a little girl.


Some people manage to cross the northern border to China for a better life. 90% of those are women (it’s not easy for men to escape from there because the men work and if they are mission even for a day from work they are searched and captured, while the women mostly are housewives so they don’t notice that they are missing for few days) and they land up in China where 90% of those women are forced into prostitution, human trafficking or sold to the farmers. But still it’s relatively better life than being in North Korea, at least they get to eat in China.

People say if there is a heaven it’s in Switzerland or Kashmir etc I am not sure about that but what I am sure about is that there is a hell on Earth and it’s North Korea. You must have done horrific crimes or sins in your previous lives to born in DPRK.

There are several organizations trying to work for people trapped in DPRK, not much can be done against the self-proclaimed supreme power, an insane leader with Nuclear powers today. All we can do is pray for the poor people of North Korea.


When their football team failed at Worldcup see for yourself what punishment they got


 Pray for North Korean people.


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