Oh faak I am not anymore obaak. India this year.

There’s a silly poem in Bengali, which goes like this:12049624_10156189052330235_1579733212645355869_n 22-15-13-016 copy

“Shokale bechana theke uthe

Jaalnaar Baaire dekhi ekta kaak…

Shokale bechana theke uthe

Jaalnaar baire gaacher dale dekhi ekta kaak…

Shokale bechana theke uthe

Jaalnaar baire gaacher dale dekhi Duto kaak… Oh faak aami to obaak”

The meaning of this poem is “this guy wakes up in the morning and notices outside his window there’s a tree, then another morning he notices there’s a branch and on the branch there’s a bird, and then two birds etc. and he expresses how surprised is he each morning.”

The same thing happened with me this year. I got up in the morning and saw a beautiful, handsome bird outside my window singing a lovely song.. something something aache din..

I was filled with joy, optimism and positivity. Next day when I got up the bird wasn’t there, it flew off to visit other, more prosperous trees. Instead, there was a rope hanging from the branch of the tree.. in the end of the rope a man hanging from it. There was a murder of a crow on that branch claiming that he was a brother of a famous terrorist.

Though it was far fetched a justice but still I was happy that this is a start to something.

Next morning I got up and find the crows in the branch have gone on a ban spree. Ban porn, ban beef, ban parties (not political, coz they would have been awesome), ban cus words in Bollywood, 50 shades of Gray ban, ban the documentary India’s daughter. And recently meat ban during a Jain festival. They stopped just in time otherwise I was afraid they would ban breathing. Thank God for aache din which saved us just on time.

It’s so silly of me to think why isn’t the injustice towards women is this country is not yet banned? Why the injustice towards equality and nonsense is not banned?

Recently a 4-year-old girl was beaten to death because the cover from her head slipped a bit. Why the difference between the religion is not banned? Non-Hindus aren’t even allowed in Mandavi Garbha? A dalit man beaten to death for touching the mid day meal plate? A man was killed for eating beef? Is this aache din? Are we humans?

Another day I got to see the entire tree was painted in tricolor saying we are going digital. Lets support the cause. People in India love cows so much that we consider them our mother and thus Hindus don’t eat cow meat and beef is banned. We love cows so much that we have started thinking and behaving like them. Like they follow the heard we do the same. Without thinking or caring about meaning behind anything, we would do what others do. So we painted our facebook and twitter in tricolor. What we didn’t realize that they were planning to ban our complete rights to free internet. (This topic will take another blog post in details. This is just to give a rough idea.)

I get up every day to see something ridiculously nonsensical every day… and I can’t say I am surprised anymore. I miss those days when things surprised me.

Oh faak I am not anymore obaak!!


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