The Big Picture!

Waiting for the shuttle cab in the noisy Gurgaon traffic Gaurav looked at his expensive Swatch wristwatch, it was already 10.15.

I’ll be late for work again. Boss is going to rip me apart if I don’t finish that presentation at the end of the day. Why… why can’t she understand? Why does she argues all the time? I missed the car-pool and now have to wait for the stupid shuttle cab to go to the office. I hate it.


It was getting really late. Gaurav looked at the watch again. It was the same watch that Neha gifted him in their last wedding anniversary. It was worth 12k, it was expensive indeed for Gaurav and Neha. They got married 2 year back. Gaurav met Neha about 3 and half years back in one of their company’s party. Even though they worked for the same company, but they have never met because they were in different departments. Neha was heading the PR and Gaurav was new kid on the block in Finance

A year after going around both of them got married and soon after that shifted from their respective 2BHK flats to a three BHK posh apartment in Silver Spring society. Home loan is quite easy to get these days… you see. But what you don’t see is under the shadows of their yearly and bi-yearly increase in the interest rates, sitting a leach so vicious that it will suck the very last drop of happiness from your life.

537205_城市-街头-素描-忙碌-人-道路A packed Maruti van came and stopped near Gaurav, he sprinted towards it.

Gaurav got inside the van with little difficulty. He adjusted his heavy laptop bag and kept on his lap, stretched the legs a bit, rested his back in the seat. There were already five more people sitting inside in the cramped space. There were three people sitting opposite him, and right opposite him was sitting a man who Gaurav recognized as he worked in his office, but in a different department. When he finished inspecting the surroundings his eyes met the man eye who was right opposite him. That man smiled, Gaurav smirked and looked out at a heavy traffic of Gurgaon. Perhaps that’s has filled up his life now, pollution, noise, and heavy traffic.

The phone started ringing. Gaurav reached for it in his left pant pocket with some difficulty and…

“Hello, Yes tell me?” he said and continued “On my way to the office in this stupid stinking shuttle cab and I am already late… have to finish the presentation today.”

“I can’t believe I missed the carpool today, all because of her…. Neha who else.”

“Again had a huge fight… you know the same old story. I told her this time when I’ll get the appraisal and the bonus we will buy Honda City. I hate that stupid Maruti 800, it’s so embarrassing. In Silver Spring, everyone has a big car and plus I am the assistant financial advisor doesn’t look good that I drive that stupid 800 to work. People laugh at my back…. But No! She wants to save for the future, for the baby and wants to clear up the home load first. That can happen in due course of time. I am taking care of that…. And more over we need another car… as it is the 800 is reserved for her since the time she’s been pregnant. …. “

“No why should I say sorry? She started it. I didn’t even finish the breakfast. I’ll never say sorry I didn’t say anything wrong…. Now you don’t take her side now ok… you know how difficult it is to commute in this city without a car. … you won’t get it… I don’t want to talk about it right now… I have t go now… Bye.”

As Gaurav disconnected the phone and kept it back in his pocket, the man sitting opposite said “I think you should say sorry to your wife”

Gaurav looked up in disbelief. This is the first time he saw him carefully… a good looking handsome man, may be at his late 30’s, clean shaved, hair neatly combed, wearing a business suit.

“Excuse me!” said Gaurav.

“Well, I said you should say sorry to your wife.” That man repeated.

“Look I don’t want to be rude but it’s none of your business and I don’t even know you?” Gaurav said.

“No you don’t and it doesn’t even matter if you know me or not what matters is if you know what are you doing? You are losing something much more important things in your life for such petty materialist things.”

“What am I losing?”

“Love, peace, and happiness! Think about your life in the early days of your married life and compare it with today. You will know what you missed.”

Gaurav couldn’t stop wondering, those days came flashing in front of his eyes… how Neha would wake him up in the morning and he would want to pull her back in the bed, and now when she wakes him up he would check his cell phone first.

How beautiful were those small loving glances in the breakfast table and now it is lost somewhere between business section and sports pages in the newspaper. How he would not want to go to office and Neha had to literally push him out of the door and now there are just slamming the door at each other face.

Gaurav closed his eyes shut, a small drop of a tear was ready to jump out of the corner of his eyes, but he quickly used his handkerchief to clear it. It didn’t go unnoticed to that man.

He said “My friend in our lives we run behind the bigger happiness, like promotions, bonus, car, luxury and totally ignore the small one’s like looking into each other’s eyes, holding hands while walking, cooking for each other, doing stupid little thing just to see him/her smile, exchanging romantic glances while on the dinner table filled with people or laying down together on a Sunday afternoon meaninglessly and not doing anything yet feeling so fulfilled… etc. If we can gather all these small happiness and weight against the one we run after then you’d be surprised to know that all these small happiness would be heavier then the bigger ones. Don’t wait for special moments but make every moment special.”

Amidst the cloud of chaos, you sometimes fail to see the beauty of simplicity that is around you. images

Right then the cab stopped. Gaurav didn’t know what to say, he was in awe!! That man started to climb down the cab. He said, “Are you not coming?” Gaurav smiled at him and said “No, I need to get back to my wife and tell her I love her more than anything. Thank you, I owe you one.” Turned to the driver Gaurav said, “Could you please drop me back to the place you picked me up?”


Shoumik De


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