Anikinesis or Animal telekinesis

One of my friend (Umesh aka Bunty) and I would often discuss that there must be a way to talk to animals. He being a software engineer and I am an artist, we often ponder on the notion on how can we collaborate and deviseIMG_2107 a mechanism to talk to our friend Teddy. Teddy is our best friend.10339538_10152087415816441_7981425418777670458_o

Animals are a lot more like us than we like to give them credit for. I think it’s a way to make it more tolerable to destroy their habitats and treat them so badly. Yeah, they can’t speak to you with their mouths, but if you listen, you can learn to understand them.

And then I came across this…

I think this is the most incredible video I have ever seen.

I don’t post anything online without verifying it first. To know more about Anna and her expertise go through:

Ancient people and tribes who live in the jungle use these abilities since ages.

One on one interview with Anna, how it all started:


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