Just thinking out loud.

So we all agree that in spacetime there’s no time and distance and movement (as scientists have theorised) so we (people) are geometrical objects who are already there from birth to death. We don’t move but we experience each phase and our future (this is where the multiple universe and alternate reality comes in place) is already there. We reach one specific future based of choices we make today. That’s why they talk about Karma, or your future is what you make or what you choose today determines your future.

It’s a 4Dimentional Non-Euclidean Mathematical Space out there.. there’s no time.. nothing moves. It’s us from the beginning till the end. And the ends are already there. We just chose one for us with the choices we make today.

We make too much of anything. Just anything. Things could be much simpler. Like time travel. As we all know, according to Einstein and Hawkins traveling in our past is impossible because of ‘Natures resistance’ and traveling in future could be possible if we circulate an object with an immense mass likes of a giant black hole in a speed of light.

Another theory is go far far away from Earth (as gravitation slows down the time, thus time travels faster in space. That’s why each satellite goes a fraction of second faster each day from our Earth’s clock)

Now both seems rather far fetched.

So what if we can travel time in our head. Inside our minds. As we know we use only 10% of our brains. And we also know that ancient people had the power to access much more than 10% of their brains. Who knows what’s in store there. Maybe that’s why they could travel time, travel within dimensions. Or able to see what’s there in the future coz it’s already laid out. (If you refer my last post about future is already present now). So if one can access more than 10% of the brain he or she could be.. Nostradamus, or a psychic. That may very well be called time travel.

Every physical or chemical reaction, including those in biological processes, involves energy transfers in which some of that energy gets away. The nuclear reactions in stars are driven by the release of energy, the energy that comes to us as heat and light from the sun. Scientists call this increasing entropy.

Keeping this in mind lets just think about the fact that “Time” has become a big debate, is it real or not. More likely it is not. So if the time is not real then definitely gravity is also not real. (At least not as we perceive it is).

There’s another theory scientists are working at is that we live in a 2D world and whatever see or perceive is a holographic image of the world or reality in front of us projected as 3D.

Then it all makes sense, time, gravity, one directional force of the time all could be merely an energy.


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