#100SareePact Tuhina Dutta

#100SareePact: Tuhina Dutta, Tattoo Artist (Kolkata)

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Tuhina is masters in Mass Communications and Journalism from Bhavanipur College, Kolkata.

SD: How did it all started for you?

TD: Well I started tattooing when i was in 2nd year. It was something I wanted to learn because I noticed there was not a single female tattoo artist in Kolkata, that made me think that what is it about tattooing that a girl can’t do. And so eventually I started doing it myself because no tattoo artist took me seriously as I am a girl. I joined a job after masters, but I soon realised that my love of tattooing was pulling me towards it. Soon I opened my own tattoo studio “Tuhi’s Tattoo studio” and it has just turned an year old yesterday. Thanks to my well wishers.


SD: How difficult was for it for you, as a girl to convince your family and society about your career choice? I am sure it didn’t go smooth.

TD: It’s always difficult for a girl to pursue such a distinct career where people still look at you as if one is an outcast. Or rather a bad girl with addictions and all just coz I am a tattoo artist. People are very judgemental and they do judge my work based on my gender which is awful. See my work.. how does it matter if am a girl or a boy? But I believe if one is persistent and honest about their work people just make way for you. They are slowly but surely accepting the fact that I am a woman and I am a tattoo artist. 



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SD: That’s brilliant! Now tell me what is the significance of a Saree in your life. I mean as an independent woman and as a tattoo artist.

TD: Saree indeed it the most feminine attire a woman can wear. I have grown up looking at my mother wearing sarees and adding to her collection of sarees so it has always been aspiring to me the concept of carrying a saree elegantly.

SD: It’s all about carrying yourself at the end of the day, isn’t it?

TD: Absolutely, be it any dress, be it man or a women, it’s all about carrying yourself.


SD: What do you think about #100SareePact?

TD: The 100sareepact is awesome, finally there is a drive which is bringing forward something so Indian. It is so much related to our culture and deeply rooted within ourselves. I am proud to be associated with #100SareePact and I love rather cherish my sarees.. no matter what profession I’m in.

SD: Thank you Tuhina, for ever being so gorgeous and thank you for this shoot and interview. May you becoming the most successful tattoo artist in India and in the rest of the world. God Bless.


Shoumik De

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