My Superhero – The Goddess

While I was growing up, like most kids I was a big fan of comics, Batman, Superman, Shazaam, etc. My mother was a workingwoman and she took care of the house too. After my fathers demise she single handedly took care of the entire family. She was always busy, at home and at her work too. Sometime when I would sit and play and she walk past me, the pallu of her saari went over my face. That day I realized that the whole idea of the superhero wearing a cape probably came from the pallu of a woman’s saree. Come to think of she is no less than a superhero for me. She was my dad, my mother, my friend, my savior and very core of the inspiration in my life.

As a grew up and got better understanding of things I noticed her she fought with the entire world to give me comfortable and better life. She gave me everything, everything I needed to become the man I am today. And I could get anything in life because I had best of the education and skills to be a successful man.

I have a business of my own and I travel around the world, I had totally forgotten about my mothers sacrifice to make me the person I am today. Though I gave my mother the position of the Goddess in my life. But I would hardly go and visit her or spend time with her. But she never companied.

Until one day I had to fly to Singapore and so I thought I would book my flight ticket from Kolkata (where my mother lives) in the pretext of visiting her. But actually the real reason was that I was getting cheaper flight ticket from there. Coincidently my flight got cancelled and I had to stay back in Kolkata for few days. That’s when I saw how old she has suddenly become. Last time I saw her she was still young and running around getting everything done swiftly. And now she can’t even move an empty gas cylinder easily. I thought to myself how selfish was I, when she needed me the most I left and went around the world enjoying life and completely oblivious to the fact that she needed me around as well.

She didn’t want my money; she just needed me around her. While having lunch or tucking her to bed. Sharing a cup of tea in the evening and talking about how are things where all I have been and all the experiences. That’ll what she needed.

Then after a week I decided to shift my base back to Kolkata so that I could spend more time with her. She stopped me; she said all I ever wanted was for you to do stuff that I couldn’t do. Now that you are doing it nothing gives me more pleasure and I am so proud of you. Thought she really wanted me to stay with her she knew I’d be happier doing what I do so she let me go. They should add ‘selfless’ and ‘sacrifice’ in dictionary of synonym for mothers.

However I didn’t stay back in Kolkata but I do make sure to visit her more frequently. We go out shopping, watching movies or eating outside. Just like on a date with my mother. After all who gets to spend so much of quality time with their superhero.

But she doesn’t wants to be a goddess or a superhero, all she wants is to be loved and respected.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

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