Start A New Life

It was worst of the times, it really was. it was the age of the failing economy, it was the age of the devastating recession. As Charles Dickens would have put it. 

And I had done the unthinkable.

At the time when the corporate market was at its worst and was about to crumble down to dust, when people were mercilessly laid off from their jobs and the hiring in the corporate went to negative.

At the time when a large number of Indians were coming back from US place because Uncle Sam no longer could afford them. Most of them came back to their own God forsaken country which they had happily left.

Some preferred to kill themselves in their luxurious bungalows which were obviously bought under mortgage from the same financial institutions which were the primary reason for the economic meltdown.

At the time when people were ready to work for half their income to save their job for no fault of their own. ..

I had quit my job.

I had quit my job because I wanted to follow my heart. I wanted to travel and write. I wanted to travel the world and do photography.

Some people know from the beginning what they want to do in their lives, some learn it with time by trying new things in life. I am the latter. I am from that generation where children are raised to become engineers or doctors. I too am from a middle-class family, raised to become an IT engineer. My parents wanted a stable job and a regular salary for me, like most parents in India want for their children. I don’t blame them at all, it’s their way of making sure that their children are safe and settled.

However after working in the corporate market for 11 years I was done. I was tired of “wake up – go to work – come back home – sleep – wake up – go to work…

I just not feel like going to work anymore, I really needed a break. I knew if I don’t feel like working I won’t be able to give my best and that would reflect in my performance. And we all know that in the corporate market it’s all about performance.

Meanwhile I loved writing, probably because I am a voracious reader. One of my close friend who initially encouraged me to write was also an editor with Chicken Soup for the Soul. She helped me publish my first story in Chicken Soup for the Soul. By that time, I had enough savings (one hardly gets any time and space to spend money while working as an IT engineer anyway) to survive for a couple of years. I decided that I would leave the job and follow my heart. I would try to make it as a writer or a photographer. If that did not work out I could always get an IT job again.

I soon learned that there’s not much money in writing initially, so I focused on training myself as a photographer. I was always passionate about photography and it came very naturally to me, but get professionally trained was necessary and important to make it a profession. So I bought my first entry level DSLR and worked under few established photographers. However, the best teaching and training I got was from my favorite teacher… youtube.

Then after 17 months of training one of my acquaintance invited me to shoot her wedding. It was an unpaid shoot of course, but that shoot gave me an overnight recognition as a candid wedding photographer. From there onwards, I never looked back. I never had to go back to get a job again. I did international photography, I was invited to Malaysia to do the shoots for their cities infrastructure and got a rare opportunity to shoot “Le tour de Langkawi”.

I had never given up on writing, I continued writing for Chicken Soup for the Soul and now one of my individual books is also getting published.

What I learned is it’s never too late to “start a new life” and never quit dreaming. And the biggest thing that I learned in my life is to try everything once in your life, you never know what you are good at. Not taking risk is the biggest risk in life.

If you are confused and don’t know what to do or what you like doing then think, if money was not an issue then what is that one thing you’d love doing the most. Then find a career around it. That way you’ll never have work ever again. Since the time I left my job, I don’t get a regular salary but I sleep happy and wake up happy. I am content with my life and I am earning much more today than I could have if I were still at my job.

This post is about “Start A New Life” just like one can do with

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2 thoughts on “Start A New Life

  1. Bravo Shoumik Bravo!!
    Not many are brave enough to take risks and follow their heart. Congratulations for doing what you did and excelling at that!
    You are an inspiration. Keep inspiring! Onwards and ahead – always!!

    1. Thank you sooo much Bharti :))
      I hope this brings inspiration to others. Thank you again.. you are very kind. 🙂

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