Heaven within a Heaven

Pune is, in my opinion is the last best place in India. IT companies have increased the population, pollution, and concrete jungle, but one can still find a peaceful corner here. Far from the noise of traffic and constant honking there’s a little place in Baner Pashan link road called Pagdandi.



Pagdandi is not just a Chai Book Cafe, there’s a huge collection of books, which you can pick and read sitting here for free. It’s also a library, with a small membership fee one can borrow any book home. Most of the books are donated by friends and very generous customers. Each book is labeled and categorized and tagged with donators name.

SHO_2800        SHO_2799

Pagdandi also has a section for selling new books, many authors come forward themselves and keep their signed books for sale. There’s also a separate section for books just for sale.

SHO_2806  SHO_2795

There are regular events happening at this place, like a book release or book reading event. Pagdandi has recently hosted TEDxPune Salon as well. They also promote eco-friendly products like jute bags and organic food products like cereals and pulses.

SHO_2835     SHO_2801

When Vishal and Neha were planning this place they planned to keep everything this place that we don’t get in other places. For example, when you order masala chai with ginger you get complimentary Parle G biscuit with it.

SHO_2832   SHO_2828

This place is also very popular amongst kids as they have a comics section as well.

SHO_2825 SHO_2824

Pagdandi is also heaven for foodies with various home made foods, such as Maggi, wai wai, bun maska, idly, brownies and attraction for many is frozen yogurt.

SHO_2837 SHO_2834

SHO_2798 SHO_2802

Pagdandi is specifically designed as a place where people can sit down on the mats as well as there are tables and chairs. Like all the places, there is one favorite place for everyone at the corner. Makes the entire experience homelike and cozy.

SHO_2797 SHO_2805 SHO_2820 SHO_2815 SHO_2803 SHO_2822

If one is not much into reading there are board games to play, or WiFi to sit and surf the internet with yummy dishes and coffee and chai to go with. The people show their love for this place by writing good things and post it in the wall in post-its.


After all that they still made place for cuteness all over.. have a look..

SHO_2794 SHO_2798 SHO_2808 SHO_2807 SHO_2813

Pagdandi is one experience you’ll never forget and wanna come back here every time. I come here almost every day and I see similar faces all the time. Once you walk this Pagdandi you’ll find your way back over and over again. Vishal and Neha the people behind Pagdandi have done a phenomenal job of creating a home away from home.


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