Feed a Child

Every day millions of kids are forced work as labours or beggars on the street just for a plate of meal. Which also most of the times they don’t get. Then comes an easier option, they become the target of the anti-social element, who lure them into the lucrative world of crime. On the pretext of giving them food and little pocket money, they are taught that if one is not getting something in the right way then they must snatch it from those who have it.

That starts a journey of an innocent young child into the underworld. Once one gets the taste of money by power then it’s little hard to go by. And at that point of time when you find them and offer them a good environment to live or education, it’s too late. 75% of the chances are they will not return to that life where they only saw hunger and helplessness. Now they have learnt to snatch things away other. Thus, a life lost. An innocence killed.

Who is responsible for this? Government? Let me remind you, a government is made by the people. By us. We are the government.

We are 7 billion of us, out of those 7 billion even if the 1% of the entire population contributes just 1 Rs. a month. I think we can single-handedly change the face of our society. Catch them young and help them grow, should be the motto.

7 million is a quite a significant amount in a month to start a nationwide revolution to rehabilitate and educate these children from the grass root level. There are so many people on the street side living like it’s their house and increasing their family.

Now the most important thing is we need to understand that unlike us they don’t just need education from a very early age, they need to money as well. Unlike us, those who live in a good family, we get education and from the age of 23 we start working and earn our living. But they need money NOW. So with some basic education like basic science, maths and English we must teach them handy work or languages and most importantly Sports. You never know next Sachin Tendulkar or Saina Nehwal might come out of there. 

Shubham Jaglan, a nine-year-old kid from Haryana, brought up in a poor family who couldn’t even afford a golf club is world number 1 the world.

They just need our encouragement and guidance. They will pave their ways given right support and love and proper guidance.

Just 1 Rs. a month. Think about it.

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