Stunning truth about our mythology.

I’ve been doing a lot of research on ancient mythology of Indian culture, few of the most shocking outcome from it are:

Before you read this I am want to clarify that I DO NOT WANT TO DISRESPECT ANY RELIGION OR GOD. I have utmost respect for the divine power. I am merely sharing the facts that are documented in the ancient books.

Ravanan – He was the master of many knowledge, Metallurgy (He invented an alloy/metal which glittered like Gold, harder thanSteel but when burnt used to become blac. Ravana built his kingdom with this metal. His kingdom was called the kingdom of Gold.)ravana

He was a genetic engineer, With the help of his knowledge of genetic engineering he tried to create life in this universe. For his experiment he required the purest of blood original, unadulterated, which was not contaminated and having pure RNA-DNA and Genes. Hindus particularly our Rishis were famous for having such blood flow through their veins. Today also the researchers in this so called modern science also require this unadulterated type of blood to carry on such experiments. In order to maintain the continous supply of such blood to his laboratroy King Ravana used to send his soliders to collect the blood from the Hindu Rishis by force. When these Rishis complained this to the Devtas, Devtas were scared that this secret science might be misused by the Demons. So these solders of Ravana used to take the blood supply forcibly from the Rishis and sent the same to Ravana for further use. It is because of this reason Ravana was also in famous as the greatest but he had no other alternative. Ravana was successful in his experiment of creation of life. Sita was his first creation.

He was also an astronomer, Ra-Vanam (Ra – Night, Vaanam – Man of Sky; thus Man of Night Sky aka an astronomer) and a better astrologer then, his guru was Lord Shiva.Shiva

Shiva is related to Orion Constellation. Murugan is related to Pleiades (a six stars ) Constellation. Between them is the Taurus constellation, facing Orion (Siva). That is why Lord Shiva is always shown with a bull. They were also known as Parshanathan or The Leader who observed the cosmos. These were the first people to discover the planets. Thus 9 planets, 9 heads, 1 main head is the Sun. Many misrespresentation of ten heads thus have chinese whispered into our mordern society. Which resulted in us diverting from the truth.

Mayans were were cheif technical engineers of these kings. Who helped them build cities, calanders, flying objects to travel and other technologies.

Lord Shiva’s third eye represents peneal glad, which generates DMT molecules which is said to offer spiritual aspect to the individual. Which also helped them travel between dimensions and into the space. Ravana aquired this knowledge from Lord Shiva. Fearing he’ll misuse these power other Deva society destroyed his lab and killed him.

4 thoughts on “Stunning truth about our mythology.

  1. Interesting. while I had heard the story about Sita being Ravan’s daughter , this version is much sensible 🙂
    Also , can you share the reference books / sites where you are reading this

    PS : do read Devdutt’s latest book.quite a lot of devi tales !

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