Beyond Border A BLOGADDA Initiation

Gulzar Saheb say:

Aankhon ko visa nahi lagtaa

Sapno ki sarhad hoti nahin

Band aankhon se roz main sarhad paar chalaa jaata hun

milne ‘Mehadi Hasan’ se!

This is now what we are living in today’s world, literally. Thanks to the technology. If I want to talk to my friend across the border, I just have to log into the twitter or facebook and I am thus connected. I am so fortunate to have made few very good friends across border, one of such is my friend, my sister Syeda Afrin Abass. We met through twitter, chatted and became friends. She even invited me to her wedding, which unfortunately I couldn’t attend, due to visa issues. However, what an honour it was.

We haven’t met, but we found some emotional connection between us. We regularly read each others blog and are updated about what’s happening in each others lives. Syeda, in fact, has written an entire story of how she met her husband and they got married. When I read it, it felt like it all happened in my neighbourhood. There’s virtually no difference between them and us.

Syeda: We the people of Pakistan don’t have any negative feelings for Indians and want to collaborate at all levels. Twitter and Facebook is the platform which really facilitated us to know each other. We the ‘Aam Awaam’ are really keen to visit as our roots are from India. Both the nations have great talent in IT and should collaborate with each other and we can reach new heights.

All I’ve seen India is though Bollywood movies and I so wish to come and visit those places myself, meet the people, connect with them. It’s really sad how the dirty politics has divided us into two and have created difference between us.

Syeda and I think, that both countries should not only meet at sports field (which create further competition) but also collaborate in Movies, plays, Television shows and other cultural activities which spread love and friendship. And to initiate that we bring you this video..

You can read the entire poem of Syed Ali Abba Zaidi here

Before twitter and facebook where there were zero interactions between us and them, we assumed everyone there wants war with us. But as we met online and talked we realised we aren’t different at all. They want love and peace and so do we. They so desperately wanna visit Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata and other places to shop and to visit places.

As Dan Brown wrote in one of this books “Misunderstanding a culture’s symbols is a common root of predujice.” How true, and we are not that different. We are, in fact are one. Have a look:

India is represented in Blue and Pakistan in Green, this world when looked from far, looks blue and green. We, the two countries make up the color of the world. Please don’t separate us. 🙂

Thank you,

Syeda Afrin Abbas & Shoumik De

This post is a part of “Beyond Boundaries” in association with INK 2014


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