More Indian than you think.

Indian culture and knowledge has always influenced the world in every aspect. There are many fields, like science, economy and agriculture, but I shall not bore you with that. I am going to talk about the latest trend and changes that India has over the world. Cuisines, Movies, Culture and Sports have dominated in this field.

Indian culture and ancient medicines has always been a thing of interest for the scientist over the world. It has always been the mother guide for the rest of the world till date. Even today India is highly considered as the future Knowledge economy, and could guide the world to the right path. The ancient science of Ayurveda, Yoga therapy, Yagya, Spiritual way of living were taught by our Rishis. Each of these famous Rishis were research scholars of their respective knowledge field.
Our culture taught to the rest of the world, the basis of life, the way to live and to improve it by giving them Sadhana ( Worship), Upasana (Self discipline) and Aradhana (Selfless Service). The 7 Chakras of the body which modern science is beginning to understand now has been always a part of our ancient cure.

Our vedas talked about “Vir Bhogy Vasundhara” which later interpreted by Darvin as “Survival of the fittest”. They say Columbus discovered America. He didn’t discover it, he just documented the way to it. Indians been there before Columbus and back. They got food, fruits and other ingredients from there (the proof of which has been recently discovered in the ancient India fossils.)

There are many more things like this.

Let me draw you attention towards Indian cuisine. I think there’s no need to say that virtually every country has Indian restaurants and hotels. There has been so many movies about it as well. Most recently I saw one was “100 foot journey”.       Chicken Tikka Masala got so popular in the world, was actually invented in UK by an Indian.

I am sure you know about this famous Whisky made in Scotland called “Kuch Nai” which means nothing in Hindi language.

kuch nai

To talk about Indian movies influence around would itself would take 10 blog posts. We all know A.R. Rehman’s song from the movie “Slumdog Millionare” has been performed and sung by many. But do check this out.. some German crazy fans copied the entire Shah Rukh Khan’s song from Kal Ho Na Ho

Another classic example is Worldcup football was going on, half of the India was awake till midnight to watch the matches, inspite of India not participating in it. All the major Indian cities celebrates October Fest like we are in Germany.


Indians are getting international recognitions quite regularly now around the world. A lot of Hollywood movies are being produced by Indian companies and vice versa.

khan2_1366285538_540x540 images

And this is how India has influenced the world, Americans are dancing to Indian tunes

In the end I would like to conclude this by sharing one of my personal exprience.

When I was visiting Thailand, there was a very small town near Malaysian border called Hat Yai. I was stuck there for 3 days for some visa issue. I wasn’t getting any hotel to stay as all the hotels were over-book because it was weekend and all the Malaysians come to Thailand for party. After 3 hours of searching the hotel I couldn’t get any room. I was sitting at the street side thinking what to do. At the time I was approached by an elderly gentleman, he couldn’t speak a word of English and I didn’t know any Thai. But I managed to tell him that I am from India. Moment he heard India he jumped up said “Mithun Da?” and sand I am a disco dance. I told him yes I am from his hometown, Bengal. He took me to his place. I was just flabbergasted to see that he had all the Mithun Chakrabarty’s movies VCD. I stayed there for a night and while leaving I told him “Apun ki maa tapak gayi, baap ludak gaya aur apun aanath ho gaya, lekin aaj tumko mil le laga jaise apna baap mil gaya, kya!” He didn’t understand any of it but he recognized that I mimicked his favorite actor. He hugged me.

Thank you Mithun Da, thank you Bollywood, thank you India. 🙂

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