Mispro-Noun-ciation or Mispro-Nun-ciation!!

India is a country where the common English words are just not mispronounced, but the mispronunciation has caused the change in their spellings as well. I was watching Indian news where the news reader said “The “The dias on which the Neta jee was standing broke down in the middle of his speech.” 

First of all the word is DAIS and pronounced /Day-es/ not Diaas. Because of this mispronunciation we have started to spell the word dais as dias.

Few other mispronounced words are:

arctic – Note the C after the R. Say /ARK-TIK/, not /ar-tik/.

accessory – the first C has a “hard” sound. Say /AK-SESS-OR-Y/, not /ass-ess-or-y/.

ask and desk – The S comes before the K. Say /ASK/ not /aks/. And it’s /DESK/ not /dex/, it’s /desktop/ not /dextop/

dilate – The word has two syllables, not three. Say /DI-LATE/, not /di-a-late/.

February – Just about everyone I know drops the first r in February. The spelling calls for /FEB-ROO-AR-Y/, not /feb-u-ar-y/.

Wednesday – The first d is actually silent in this, so it’s /WENS DAY/ and not /WEDNUSDAY/

jewelry – The word has three syllables. Say /JEW-EL-RY/, not /jew-el-er-y/. The pronunciation /jewl-ry/ is common but not correct, as it removes one syllable from the word.

library – Notice where the R comes in the word. Say /LI-BRAR-Y/, not /li-ber-ry/.

vehicle – Although there is an H in the word, to pronounce it is to sound hicky. Say /VEE-IKL/, not /vee-Hikl/.

We pronounce the word ‘cycle’ accurately. But when it comes to bicycle, it’s a different story; most of the Indians pronounce it as /baisaikal/whereas the correct pronunciation is /baisikl/!

bury – Almost every Indian pronounce this word just as it is spelt (apologies to those who don’t). But the actual pronunciation should be /bery/. The same rules goes with ‘burial’ too – /beriəl/.

‘blue’ and ‘blew’; in this country, it is /blyoo/ for ‘blue’ and /bloo/ for ‘blew’. The standard English has, but, the same pronunciation for both the words i.e. ‘bloo’. The same pattern must be followed in the case of ‘flew’ and ‘flu’ as well!

And whats with unnecessary use of ‘S’ like in the word Anyways… its just ANYWAY. Without an S.

Where S is needed some people can’t put the ‘S’ there like in ‘Congratulations’. It’s not ‘congratulation’. But it’s not their fault as they has exhausted all the necessary ‘S’ in the wrong word.

Thanks to these so called ‘sms’ generation and their new language.. eg: “Nyc” “Welcum” “dis” “dat” etc (Which I personally think is apt, shortening the words to match their brain size) the good old days of English has went.

Shoumik De


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