Entangled Lives – Chapter 15 – #GameOfBlogs to #CelebrateBlogging

We, the team Potliwale Baba, are writing a fictional story as a part of #CelebrateBlogging – Game of Blogs.


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Jenny was nervously waiting for her turn in the living room. She was thinking how so suddenly things have changed in her life. Couple of hours ago she was desperate to get close to Tara to get the photography assignment in Paris and now how she wish she didn’t come to her house. But the most shocking event for her today was coming face to face with her past. Cyrus Darulwala. The chapter that has been long forgotten has popped up again in her life and how. She was jealous about Cyrus and Tara. Why? She thought, am I still in love with him? How can I be not? Those mesmerising innocent eyes. Those uncountable afternoon making love at his GK2 house in Delhi. How can one forget those days spent in arms of Cyrus. But did she had to check his phone like a jealous teenage girl she cursed herself. When Cyrus was consoling

But why did she had to check his phone like a jealous teenage girl, she cursed herself. When Cyrus was consoling Roohi he had left his phone in the living room, how Jenny wishes he wouldn’t have. Accessing his phone was easy part, as she know Cyrus well enough to know all his passwords. But the difficult part was to discover his blog. She now understands why he would write the blog in anonymous name. And that’s what aroused her curiosity even more. She read the blog discovered that Cyrus was a bastard child, his father has abandoned him and his mother. All the pain and agony that Cyrus went through, he was the laughing stock of the society. Maybe that why he pushed her away from his life. Maybe that’s why he left Delhi.

Then she began to think about why Tara and Cyrus. What is Cyrus doing here? Why would he come close to Tara, she is twice his age. Is this murder somehow connected with his story? Jenny was in two minds should she tell this to the detective or should she keep it herself.

Meanwhile, Shekhar’s study room turned into a temporary interrogation room for Java. He was sitting the chair as if he owns the room. As Cyrus left Java lit his half-burned cigar, took a drag and kept his legs on the table. Mentally replaying the conversation with Cyrus, he let a smirk “Smart ass”. His thoughts were broken by the knock at the door, a constable entered and said “Sir, the girl is here, should I bring her in?”

Java took his legs down, adjusted his hair and tucked his shirt properly into his already loose pants. He said “Send her in” and stood by the window looking outside.

Jenny’s chain of thoughts were broken by the sound of boots which came and stopped in front of her. She looked up, it was the constable, he said “It’s your turn, come.”

Jenny slowly got up and followed him to the study. She had already made up her mind.

Jenny pops her head into the room and asks “May I come in sir?”

Java says “Come in.”

She enters slowly but confidently and stands by the chair directly across from Java. He turns towards her taking a puff from his cigar and letting a cloud of smoke out. As the thick smoke dispersed what he sees amuses him. A dusky, average height girl with tattoo on the right hand, wearing a denim shorts and black razorback, with a red bandana tied on her head was standing by the chair. Her neck was adorned with chunks of colorful beads while her left wrist was covered with wooden bangles and a Tissot men’s watch was wrapped on her right wrist.

Java looked at her from top to bottom in the most shameless way a man can look at a woman. He asked her to sit. Any other women would have had chill running down her spine, but this was Jenny. She has her share of experience with such men all her life. She smiled at him.

Java asked ” Do you need a smoke?”

She shook her head saying no.

Java trying his best to be nice to Jenny hoping he might get more than mere information “I know you’re afraid right now, but I really need your help.”

Jenny replies rather quickly “I am not afraid.”

Java “Really?”

Jenny “Yea.. I mean.. I haven’t done anything so why should I be afraid, right?”

Java “Of course! Anyway so lets start, what’s your name?”

Jenny “Jennifer”

Java “Full name please” managing a smile.

Jenny “Jennifer Joseph.” Jenny knew very well that keeping the answers limited and not speaking much is the best way to deal with any interrogation or questioning. Afer all it wasn’t her first time she was being interrogated.

Java “You are Christian?”

Jenny “Yes I am a Malayali Christian”

Java “Ah! So what are you doing here, I mean in Mumbai?”

Jenny was slightly taken aback by the question, “I thought it was a free country!” said sarcastically.

Java smiled and said “Of course it is, but what I meant is what do you do Miss Joseph?”

Jenny “Please call me Jenny, and I am a photographer and came here for work.”

Java “Ok and how do you know Shekhar?”

Jenny “I don’t know Shekhar, I came here with his wife Tara. I met Tara in a coffee shop. We were discussing business that’s when she got a call that her daughter is hurt and she had to rush back home. Since I had a bike I offered to drop her.”

Java “When was this?”

Jenny “Evening. Around 6ish.”

Java “So what were you doing here so late? You should have left after dropping Mrs. Dutta”

This was the first time when Jenny took a little time and fumbled “Well.. I.. I.. actually Tara and I didn’t finish talking about the job assignment so I thought I’ll wait a while and finish the conversation with her.”

Java “Hmm..” the fumbling didn’t go unnoticed to Java. He picked up his cigar and took the matchbox from the table. He tried to light the match, it didn’t light, he tried the second one, that didn’t light either. Jenny took out a lighter from her pocket and lit it in front of him. By that time the third matchstick worked and he lit his cigar again. Taking a deep drag he blew the smoke on the lighter Jenny was holding up.

Jenny felt insulted and filth for Java but she didn’t show it. She smiled to him.

Java knew exactly how she felt, it was an old technique of interrogating cops to understand the person character. He thought to him “This will be a tough one.” Then he said “You the thing about cigar, it’s the flavour which needs to be preserved and a wooden match preserves the flavor.”

Java continued “So where were you at the time of the murder?”

Jenny “I was in the living room where there was a power cut and we heard Roohi scream. When we saw the blood on Roohi’s foot we thought the poor child is hurt but we soon discovered the maid’s body lying in the pool of blood.”

Java “Ok.. is there anything else you noticed before the murder? Did you see anyone come in or leave the house? Any suspicious activity?”

Jenny “No.. not at such.”

Java “Where were everyone else?”

Jenny “I was in living room talking to Cyrus and Mr Dutta was in her study. Tara was in her room… I think”

Java while getting up from his chair “Are you sure?”

Jenny “Yes I am sure.”

Java walked up to where Jenny was sitting and kept his hands on chair she was sitting on bent down, almost smelling her hair, he said “You see Miss Joseph, I don’t forget things, so you better stick to the same story when I ask you next time. Right now you may go. Go back out and wait, I’m just starting to make some progress. And I may need you again.”

Jenny quickly got up and started to walk out of the room but she stopped, turned towards Java and said “Oh by the way officer I just remembered I might have seen Tara walk out of kitchen and went into that room where the maid was murdered.”

Java “What you mean you might have??”

Jenny “Well there was a power cut and it was kinda dark you see.. I just saw a silhouette”

Java “How can you sure it was Mrs Dutta?”

Jenny “Well other girl was on that side of the house was Roohi and she couldn’t be that tall, can she?”

Java “It could have been the maid herself, after all she’s the same height and build as Mrs Dutta?”

Jenny “May be!” saying that she gave her a look of innocence which was good enough to melt anyone’s heart. Before Java could think of any other question she walked out of the door leaving Java terribly confused.


Stay tuned for the next chapter

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