Art of praying.

A long time ago I was a very insecure person. I didn’t believe in myself and I didn’t really believe in my prayers, that they’ll ever work. In all these years I found out or I learned why it didn’t work for me then. I would love to share with you what I have learnt and how it changed my life.

When we were in school use to pray to God “Oh lord please make me pass this exam” (irrespective of the fact if we’ve answered correctly in exams or not). One day I was talking to a very good friend of mine Shankho Bose, he said when he was in school he use to pray “Oh lord please give those questions which I am prepared for or for which I have studied well”. I was flabbergasted, wow what a mindset. This is why my prayers are less effective. If I just sit all day on my ass and wish for miracle to happen, chances are none to the power of none. But if I get up and start working and ask for blessings on the work, that would work like a miracle.Β 

It reminds me of a small story: There was a man who would pray to win the lottery daily. Years after years he prayed but got nothing. One day he asked God, why Lord why are you do not listen to my prayers? The God replied.. “I’d love to help you but you must buy the lottery ticket first.”

Second thing about prayers is we don’t mean what we ask for. Deep inside you are still doubting and worrying if we’ll ever get it. That worry and doubt negates the entire praying system. You must have 100% trust, when you pray just leave to Him, trust Him to do the best for you. Words that come out from your mouth are contradicting with your voices in your head. That is not good. Let me give you another example of how more than word what you mean matters:

There was a little boy who was playing with his baby brother who was in the cradle. Accidentally the baby brothers finger got cut and he started to bleed. The baby brother was crying in pain and the mother wasn’t around. The little boy didn’t know what to do. The little boy remembered that that whenever mommy is in trouble or pain she prayed to the God. But the little boy didn’t know any prayer except one which was taught by his mother. So he held his baby brothers bleeding hand and prayed “God bless this food Amen.” The bleeding stopped. πŸ™‚

Lastly we have the tendency to hold our wishes and prayers very tightly with us. Keep holding it with you doesn’t help. Let it go. Let it reach the universe or the God and then let them worry about it how to make it happen for you. Ask for it and you shall receive. Let it go and you shall get the results.

So to sum it up… work/act/make it happen and ask for blessing on that. And when you do that, have 100% faith. Lastly stop worrying about it.. instead start believing. Try it, works like a magic. πŸ™‚

God Bless!


Shoumik DeΒ 


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