Reblogged from the originally written by by Jocelyn Daher of SpiritScinece


When it comes to any dilemma whether it be in a group chat forum type environment
or out in the real world, here are the messages from my higher angels,
I have been relayed over the coming days/weeks.

You are either the advocate or the alchemist in this process.

About five years ago, I could be considered an “energy vampire” (that is a story for another time) an attention seeking person using negative behaviour, self pitying or words to suck energy from others.
but a light bringer or light worker knows that all areas in life can be cleansed, re-alchemized and nothing can penetrate his/her being or space without first the permission to allow to be disrupted.

A troll is only a troll if given attention or responded to in a negative way. You can only be hurt if you allow it to effect you or take it personally. Being a light worker it is our job to see these “trolls” as confused energies projecting their confusion onto us. We have the power in the knowledge that we can cleanse the space by responding always through love or just frankly ignoring their temper tantrum attention seeking habits.

All you have to do is see it in the right light and then you see their true intention.

All things either come from love or are a cry for love.

As an admin on EWAO with around 90,000 people and growing, I understand it is not my responsibility to censor what others want to say since in my communication with ET’s, higher angels, my higher self (what ever you would like to call it) you do not censor humanity, you allow it – it’s process and in that comes the beauty of choice, enlightenment and finally
“self realizing salvation”

Once we realize that we are one with the “energy vampires” or “trolls”
that we all have a negative side within us if we feed it,

we realize it takes feeding them for them to “thrive”.

Let me further elaborate…

It is always our reaction to there action that either gives them power for more negativity.

How can you teach and educate when you will not share the light
with anyone unless asked or provoked? How can you change someone by ignoring them?

For Example: I have a 5 year old when he has a tantrum, I do not “pop” his bottom because then I become the target for anger within his own self started demise and misery. If I let him have his tantrum or put him in time out, ignoring the negative behavior, he then comes to his own realization on how to fix things himself. People who are hurt are sometimes the same.

Another analogy rings true here, a man was watching a butterfly hatching from his cocoon. The new butterfly tried and tried to get through the little hole in the end, but no matter how much it tried, it could not get out. So after watching this for quite a while, the man opened the hole, and let the butterfly out. The butterfly crawled out, and the man, pleased with himself waited for the butterfly to fly off. After 5 minutes though, it just sat there. He looked at its wings, and realized that they were stunted and malformed. That little hole was more important than the man knew. If the butterfly can not go through the process of working it’s way through the hole, the biochemical lubricants in the butterfly’s body can not squeeze out and disperse into the wings, pumping them up to be able to fly. By helping the butterfly, he doomed him.

Sometimes it is not about the end result, its about the process.

It is about the journey more than the destination.

They need the space to come to their own answer and healing.

We help each person by embodying love and diving deeper within ourselves into self mastery to understand what drives ourselves and others.

All of life are just mirrors, reflections of self.

The more we clear the space within, the more it echoes with clarity without.

A response I often hear is: I was simply defending myself.

While someone throws the first punch,
if you choose to stand to defend yourself and give one back
you are just as much standing to receive a punch.

Do yourself a favor follow many of the eastern philosophies,such as martial artist do
and duck the punch.
Deflect the ill intent.

The words or actions can only hurt you if you see what he/she is saying or doing as valid.
OR if you see why he is acting out as the true causer,
since each person has the internal choice of what upsets him anyway.

Many eastern cultures have talked about alchemizing your space for the preparation in battle.
One of the biggest teachings is that, if there is no enemy within, there will be no enemy without.
The other perspective is that there is no room for defeat if you realize you’re
“opponent” is a part of you, therefore there is no room to be defeated or to win.
If you look at most eastern forms of combat they are revered as the most successful, based on self-defense rather than self-offense. They deflect the physical attempts to make contact to wear their opponent down, while expending little energy themselves. They know that energy is precious and needs to be reserved and utilized intentionally.

Another common question:

No one likes to be disciplined, yet it is a great way to learn. Should murders be ignored, rapist and the like be ignored? There should be consequences for bad behavior in general.

Yes, this is the typical question most of society asks.

This is simply addressing the symptom rather than the causer for the dilemma you speak of.
Why are there murders and rapist?

Because of a society of suppressed people who are not allowed to come to their own answers.

We are told what we can and cannot do but we are not taught why we wouldn’t want to make the decisions because of how that would make everyone in the situation feel. The rules then become the mental block to someone’s feelings and organic questioning process of “Why would I want to rape or kill someone?” There is no benefit to this if truly examined thoroughly through the heart space but we do not teach people how to feel, our society just gives rules.

We are caught up in a society who wants to answer all of the questions for you, who want to be right but do not want to do what comes from the heart and allow each man his own process of feeling that personal truth.

Therefore he, the follower – follows empty rules without knowing why and demands to be right in all situations without feeling that maybe you do not have to be right. That maybe you just have to be in love in all moments and maybe this would lead to happiness for everyone.

So, if you are one in the many who are working through this dualistic structure of right and wrong. The thought process that all wrong actions should be forbidden or condemned (banned), then would you acting negatively in your defense not fall into the category of a negative action?
Warranting also your own condemning?

Oh I see, so I suppose that we will cause greater confusion and attach more rules by saying that if it is in defense of ourselves than a negative action is then justified?

Not so.

Have you ever heard of the story of the girl that was about to get raped by a man outside a concert, she chose to kiss him and the man not understanding, perplexed by her actions and dissatisfied by not causing fear, ran away and left her to escape to her freedom.

It is all in our reaction, we are either contributing to the problem or we are being the cure to this epidemic disease which is hate. We can be in defense of ourselves and others by moving always through kindness and through intentional words/actions rather than hateful/condemning actions, there is no exception-there is no separation.

Even in defense we should act through love, we should choose to be the solution-the answer to the call of love within all of humanity.


ps: Note: The original post by Jocelyn Daher of SpiritScinece.


To summarise I’d like to add, mostly people who are out of your personal zone troll you or constantly trying to hog your attention. They are attention hungry. Best way and safest way to deal with them is totally ignore them, the moment you’ll react to them is when you’ll lose the battle and they’ll win, coz that’s what they exactly want. 

If the situation is that you cannot ignore then constantly give unconditional love to them, be kind, understand why are they doing this. Probably deep inside they are hurt too or want attention or love which they have been deprived of. And now they don’t know how to handle that. When you react to them in their way you make it double. 

World have enough hatred, it’s deprived of love. So give love and be patient and consistent. I know it’s the time of fast food and instant gratification. But in this case it doesn’t work that way. 

I love you. I forgive you. I am sorry. Thank you. 



Shoumik De



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