The theory of everything.

Why are you afraid? Why do you doubt? What makes you not come out of your shell and see the bigger picture?

This multiverse is mystical creation from atom (also knows in ancient science as Aatma, or energy) which can not be created or destroyed, it can only transform from one form to another. We are also (as humans) made of those same atoms which was there at the beginning of the all this when universe or multiverse was created. When you look up into the sky, you feel small?, or insignificant? Why? You are so much a part of it. It’s all yours. It’s within you and you are a humongous part of it. I feel big that’s my reality. My atoms came from those stars. What’s yours? creation2-300x237

Initially scientists thought that space is filled with vacuum but now they are beginning to discover that it’s not just vacuum. It’s a huge network of living conscious energy source that binds us together. Connected to us. Forms our reality. Shapes our destiny. That’s poor becomes poorer, rich becomes richer, people who always think they are sick, stays sick, people who find a reason to be sad, gets more sadness in life, and people who attract happiness and positivity are always happy and prosper. What are you creating for yourself is in your own hands. If you doubt, you’ll get doubt. If you believe, you’ll get exactly what you believe. When you pray or ask for something from that higher consciousness it is given to you but when you doubt it you negate the entire process and it gets no result.

There are three revolutionary theory: Evolution, the switch in DNA, and The Secret (Manifestation, affirmations, positive thinking)

Evolution: It says fish crawled out of water and started crawling and then it developed limbs.. and evolved to mammals and then to apes and humans.

DNA Switch: Scientists are yet to understand how does the switch in the DNA works? DNA is responsible for growth of limbs, ears, nose, eyes, senses adapting to the surroundings. And all this growth or developing special skills to survive and mater your environment comes from instructions relayed out of the switch in the DNA.

Secret, Manifestation or the Affirmation: It’s not new from our old times sadhu baba to Apple Inc. inventor Steve Jobs used it to achieve what they wanted. It’s simple ask for it, imagine or believe you received it and live that reality and it shall be done.

Now lets zoom out and look at these three theories together. When that fish crawled out of water (Evolution) and was crawling in the rough surface of Earth instead of smooth water it wanted those limbs badly.. it asked for it (Secret, manifestation), then that Switch in DNA activated and relayed a signal out to develop limbs. Possible? I see why not. 

A lot of people will say be practical. What is practical? Practical is the word given to those who are afraid to takes risk, because they are weak inside and have the fear of losing comfort zone. People who don’t have out of box imagination. The clock work people. Like Jim Carry said “By calling yourself practical you are disguising your fear.” You are so brain washed and programmed that you can’t for tiny bit of second let go of your inculcated ego (that what I’ve known is the only truth).

So rise my friend, be fearless, be happy, ask and you shall receive. Do not doubt what you’ve asked for. It will happen when it’s suppose to happen but by constantly thinking about it now and doubting it you will only delay it. Rather focus on something else. Forgive people and let them go, don’t keep them in your head and hold them back. It will only bring more negativity and pain to you. Forgiveness is for yourself and not for others. When you let go, you are emptying your cup and when the cup is empty then only it shall be filled with new opportunities, new friends, new blessings. Everyone in your life is your blessing they bring some value to you, it’s your choice what you take from them.

The universe understands now.. right now. Everything is happening now. So ask and believe whatever you want is in now.. not tomorrow not yesterday not in 2 minutes.. NOW. The change beings NOW. If you have to do something DO IT NOW.


 Hold a thought for 17 seconds and Law of Attraction kicks in, hold it for 68 seconds and it starts working.


However be grateful of what you have and be thankful for it first.


Note: Thank you so much Shruti Diwvedi, Apurvaa Saxena, Juhi Rai, Deepak Farmania, Chirag Ramanay, Dr Rajtarangini, Jai Nair, Amrita Saraf, Rupinder Singh, Spirit Science, Vineet Kumar Sharma, Rajeev Saraogi, Sourabh Choudhary, Proloy Mitra, Jazz, Ishani Sharma, Manu Sharma, Dipti Malhotra, Maa and many more being there and teaching me so much.


Thank you,

Shoumik De


9 thoughts on “The theory of everything.

    1. Thank you. And I had to add your name.. my entire trip’s highlight. I think it was the reason I was meant to go. And I always count my blessings. 🙂

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