Define beauty


Define beauty? Perhaps I can’t, no one can can precisely. However as a photographer I can show you what it looks like. 

These are few of my favorite faces that I’ve captured and it was absolutely my pleasure. 
38-2 55-2 104-2 19881_505881386147256_1476848375_n 943712_523135084421886_1453537703_n-2 5460120335_1aa79cdcc5_o-2 dofcopy DSC_0360 copy-2 DSC_0631 DSC_7114-2 DSC_7967-2 photo (14)-2 photo (15)-2 photo-2 SHO_2069 SHO_2070 SHO_2213 copy-2 SHO_2332-2 SHO_2385-7-2 SHO_3861 copy SHO_4990-2 SHO_5539 SHO_8543 SHO_9798-2 SHO2358-2


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