What should aliens looks like?

I don’t understand why scientists or researchers are fixated with life can be found only if there’s a favorable conditions like ours in Earth. WHY? There can be a life form according to their conditions which might seem extreme to us but could perfectly normal for them. Don’t we already have similar examples in Earth? People in Antarctica and Africa, people of Albany, NY and people of Bilaspur, Chhattisgarh. Aren’t they already have a hell and heaven difference??


One more major misconception that people have is aliens would have a two legs, two hands, two eyes two ears one nose or with combination of those in a slightly different shape and height. But always in a human form like. Noooooo an alien could be in a shape of a tapeworm or a mitochondria or a hydra.



As a matter of fact in a theory millions of years ago when Mars was destroyed, it’s particles flew into space and became a part of cosmic dust which fell on the Earth. By that time Earth was a gigantic pool of boiling ammonia and carbon just wanting for an alien ingredient to spark the chain reaction of life and evolution. And those aliens form came into the Earth being a microscopic part of a meteorite. Which gave birth to life.

So who are the aliens? How should they look?

Shoumik De


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