How to shoot a good portrait.

An yacht docked at the shore of a sea beach. It was dusk, the bright golden sun just went down leaving a strong trace of golden red hue melting in the sea and lingering in the clouds above. I saw this old man standing at the edge of the yacht, smoking his pipe. He was old, yet had an aura about him. He looked very graceful. I couldn’t stop myself to swim and reach his yacht. I climbed up in the deck and found I was dry as a log. I had a camera in my hand. It made no sense. But I hardly cared about all that then and went close to him to shoot this man. I wanted to capture him in my frame. Wanted to shoot a perfect portrait of him. He looked so photogenic.

SHO_8840He was wearing an off white shirt unbuttoned shirt, like a jacket over his bare body and white shorts. He had a thick grey hair, but had a male balding pattern. He was also sporting a thick grey beard.

SHO_8841As I started to click his pictures, he took out a notebook and showed me different ways to shoot a good portrait. Side angle, front facing, looking away, keeping the focus at the eyes of the subject etc. Then while closing his notepad he said “But a very good portrait is one which brings out the characters mood from beyond the surface, from within a subject, from deep within his eyes. The one which takes out the real character in him.” Saying that he smile at me. I focused my camera and clicked the trigger release button. The flash was bright and was happened in slow motion, when I heard “wake up its late.”

Thats why I love dreams, I get this free photography workshops. 🙂 Good Morning indeed.


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