10 memes on real life photography

In a world where we wake up with the news of war, thousands being killed, rape, minor molested, killing, murder, accidents, political dramas.. is not a very good start to ones day. I am absolutely not saying that these news are any less important, as a matter of fact its of paramount importance to know and be aware of whats happening around us and what needs to be changed.

However the point that I am trying to make is, it is not necessary to wake up with these news. One can wake up other good or positive news or something with a bit of light and heartwarming humor. How our day starts, in a happy or sad note, rules the rest of the day.
So in effort to that I keep up the funny, try to bring smile to people in between such sad conditions around.
Afterall you get what you seek.

These are few meme’s I made using my clicked photographs of my friends and other people, hope you’ll enjoy.

All pictures are copyright of Shoumik De. http://www.shoumikde.com

By now I am expert in breaking things in my house for the love of photography. Crate of Eggs were no different when I found that empty fruit seed. My friend who originally picked it up from a road side wanted to make it her jewellery case but I had other ideas. It looked perfect evil Galactus ย face, I just had to put nice long teeth using the plastic fork. ๐Ÿ™‚


This is the only pic that I have not clicked personally but its one of my good friends and looked too tempting to resist for a meme.
2027_105322196440_7624786_n copy

This three areย a classic, my friend’s place in Pune.

966498_10151432313856441_1582453883_o 977761_10151436636796441_4131134_o

Roger didn’t like Amy much, he would always growl and bark at her. I suggested Amy to try to be friends with him by playing with him. I was capturing the bonding moment between Roger and Amy when I got these four pics.. it was too good to resist. Made a meme on why Roger wasn’t friends with Amy before. ๐Ÿ™‚ 1377531_552648701470524_1254178548_n

These three are the cutest. At my friend/sister Bali’s place to shoot for mothers day. I was surrounded with 5 lovely kids, the magic was bound to happen. ๐Ÿ™‚

dining table may the 4th be with you copy shoumik strip mothersday

My friend Ipsita’s uncanny expression during her wedding, wasn’t hard to guess what was she thinking about.. but if you ask her she’ll completely deny the fact and say she was in fact thinking about butter chicken ๐Ÿ™‚

DSC_6081 copy-2

Some more fun with eggheads.


Thank you.

Keep smiling and finding more reasons to smile.


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