10 pics which made me work hard fot it.

National Geography asked legendary photographer Steve Winters to get a shot of the rare Spirit Bear. To get a perfect shot of the Spirit Bear Steve had to sit and wait in cold rock in the freezing forest for 40 days. He would be there everyday early morning till dusk. Finally when he got a great shot of Spirit bear he said “When the vision in your head, becomes a lump in your throat, thats photography”

How true.. below are few pictures which gave me a very hard time and made me wait for hours and days before I got it right. But it was so worth it.

All the pictures are copyright of Shoumik De. (www.shoumikde.com)


It took me five hours to shoot this leaf with water drop on it. I was in a small town near Bilaspur. I was suppose to go out to shoot that day but it started to rain. I took my camera went to the terrace garden waiting for rain to stop. That is when I spotted this leaf. It was raining so hard, the leaf was constantly moving in the wind. So I saw with my camera on the tripod and waited. The gentle shower turned into strong rain to torrent of a rain. I waited. Finally after about  4 or 5 hours wind stoped and I got this shot.


                                            The burning light bulb filament photography. When I first learnt about it I was so eager to get it done that I broke all 3 light bulbs in my flat. First 5 or 6 times I ended my breaking the entire bulb. Then I learnt how to carefully break the outer glass and keeping the filament intact. Then I made a custom bulb holder on a box attaching two long wires to control the switch. And after 18 bulbs and 3 days later I got these.


I was in Pune when I heard Dumru festival took place. I wanted to go and shoot Shivmani performing live. But first two days of of the festival I didn’t even manage to get close to the stage. So I went back home and made a freelance journalist photographers id card in photoshop. Next day I dressed like a freelance journalist and I went there. It worked I was at the backstage in no time and finally I was on the stage when he was performing.


Light Painting. It took me not long to learn the trick light painting. But to get a right shot with correct light balance and control is essential. For the picture above I had to buy a lot of firecracker to get that shot right. The one in bottom is shot in Thousand Oaks, Pune. I used the lights in the pub to get this shot.


1DSC_9052Panning shots. Panning shots takes a good camera and lots practice and precision. The idea is to capture the fast moving object/subject while everything at the background is blurred. To accomplish this one needs to be in sync with the speed of the subject and get the right shot. It took nearly a month get it right. Top 1 pic is Lavasa bike shoot. 2. is Le Tour de Langkawi, Malaysia and 3rd one is in the streets of Hat Yai, Thailand.


Its called the Droste Effect. One day I came across a similar pic. I wanted to know how is it done.. and what is it called. So I asked everyone about it and no one apparently had any idea. The one who had posted the pic wasn’t answering this question in particular that how he did it. So I took it as a challenge. I searched google and all the photography blogs and sites. Finally came across this word called “Droste effect”. It’s a small plugin which goes into Photoshop, so I downloaded droste and tried to implement it in photoshop. But it wont work. So did some more research and found that droste needs ‘pixel bender’ to run. Fine. Downloaded pixel bender and tried to install it. Didn’t work, tried other versions, didn’t work. Tried all the version but still no go. Did more research to find out ‘Pixel Bender’ is discontinued and doesn’t work in PS 5.12 onwards. Bummer. Heart Broken. But there must be a way. So I started searching alternatives, and came across something called GIMP. That can support Droste. Downloaded it and after a lot of trial and error finally I manage to get it installed. It was so prehistoric that it took me a day to understand it and on top of that everything was manual. It did work but I wasn’t getting desired result. I had almost given up. when I thought lets go back a version.. I know multiple installations of PS can work in a pc. So now took me a day to download PS4. (older version) once done. Installed Pixel bender and droste…. and BAM. But still not that desired result. So I started to crop the images in all the possible ways to the right pixel sizes and finally.. there you go.


Animal and wildlife photography is not very different from children photography. It takes a horses patience. Be attentive and wait for the right moment. Keep the focus on coz in a blink of an eye the moment can be lost. The two pictures above took me almost 2 hours to get a right shot.

DSC_1411 DSC_1422 DSC_1463 DSC_1466

 The reverse drop shots


 Water drop photography. Its takes a lot of precision and perfection to get it right. You must have right equipments. Mostly the point where the water is dropping needs to be fixed and constant. After that just needs to focus on the right spot and shoot at the right time. This one took me 2 weeks to get it right.

DSC_4320 DSC_4340
DSC_4377DSC_4437 DSC_4451DSC_4367DSC_4452DSC_4448DSC_4478Shooting a performing celebrity could be tiring. This is NH7 and I was shooting Imogen Heap performing live. I was right next to the stage and was waited for almost entire performance for her to look towards me. Finally she did and I got my shot.

Thank you.


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