30 Candid shots of India.

Photography is not something I produce, it’s something that produces a change in myself. In all my years and thousands of photo shoots, I have yet to finish a project and not look at the world in a new way. The camera lens captures what the human eye leaves behind. I consider myself nothing less than a chronicler of the human condition, for better or worse. When you see my photos, I think you’ll agree.


All these pictures are candid. It wasn’t planned or designed. It all just happened randomly. I was there in the right place at the right time.

All 30 pictures are clicked and copyrighted by Shoumik De. (www.shoumikde.com)

I was taking a walk in the Konkan beach one evening and was looking for a perfect sunset shot. As I was panning my camera to create a frame, these kids suddenly appeared out of nowhere on a fishing boat docked on the beach. I thought it made a very good sunset shot.


On my way to Kanha National Park, we stopped for some refreshments in a small town in central India. While my friend was busy buying bag of chips I saw these two Lord Ganesha idols facing each other behind the shop. I rushed back to the car to get my camera, went around the shop to get this pic.


My favorite relaxing destination, Palolem Beach, South Goa. After a long afternoon siesta as I stepped out of my shack I saw the sky melting into the sea and few local kids playing football with some tourists. I rushed back inside, got my camera and captured this before it got dark.


No marks for guessing.. Chandni Chowk, Delhi. Caught the sun setting at the most complicated electrical system anyone has ever seen.


No she isn’t a teacher in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. She is just a simple janitor in Mahabaleshwar, doing her job. I after a long drive got out of the car and was stretching my arms is when she looked at me, our eyes met and I knew i had to capture this moment. I clicked pointing camera towards her with the still stretched arms . Got this shot.. not bad I say.


You find love in impossible places. This is the most visited and favorite holiday destination in India, Baga Beach, North Goa. I was looking through my camera for my friends in the beach is when I spotted this cute little girl drawing heart in the sand. With sun melting gold in the sea it was perfect frame.


Snowfall in April, that too in central Goa. This is the famous Menezes Braganza House in Chandor, central Goa. As I was passing by I saw this. If you look closely you’ll see its the water sprinkler in the garden which caused this effect. I just took a low shot of the mansion with water sprinkling giving it a snowfall effect.


I was working on my blog on Pune slums and clicking the life of slum dwellers. I suddenly noticed this group young boys following me around and they were really insisting on taking their pic. After a while I had enough I said ok I’ll take a picture of you guys and then promise me you’ll love and let me work. I clicked them but they didn’t leave. However later I realized this was inface the best shot of all. Made it my cover shot.


Deep Bunglow Chowk, Pune. First time I came to Pune in 1997 and got down from bus right in front of this bungalow. I fell in love with Pune. I had decided one day I’ll live in this city. I was a student then and was visiting a friend for a day. 13 years later in 2010 I came to Pune and took a house right opposite this bungalow (it was purely coincidental, I am not Amithabh Bacchan jiski maa ne yahan patthar uthaye the and all that stuff pratigya and all.) Anyway I realized it was the same bungalow when I looked out of the window. I wanted to capture this so I got my camera and focused and found these men sitting there enjoying their day.


This is Mussoorie. I got out one evening to click some picturesque scenes around. Soon to realize that I’ve lost my way back. While searching for my hotel I clicked this pic so that I can zoom into it and find my hotels amongst these buildings. Turned out of be rather a good shot.


Mussoorie again, this time I was in a moving car and wanted to click that man sitting down. He had an interesting face. The car moved faster than I anticipated and I missed my frame so I shifted my frame a bit and got this, The old carpet seller.. not bad. 🙂


Janmashtmi, Pune. I was determined to get a good shot of ‘haandi being broken’ so I got on top this building close by only to find it was over crowded. By the time I managed to squeeze a bit of space for a shot it was over and these guys were getting down. Still got a good shot of the pyramid.


Interesting coconut tree. Mysore Bangalore highway.. I was shooting a friend in a car trail shot. Friend was suppose to drive past me in certain speed so that I could get a trail shot of his. While waiting for him I saw this man selling coconuts has arranged the coconuts in another tree.


Kumurtuli, Kolkata. This is the place they make these idols from mud collected from river Ganges. I was passing by this area when i saw this guy painting the statues eyes. I wanted to take a long exposure shot but I didn’t have a tripod. I kept the camera on another idols head and took this shot. The idol didn’t say anything but if the artist had seen it I am sure would have had a lot say. 🙂


NH7 Pune, I was enjoying and dancing to the tune of the dj when I noticed a friend was trying to take a picture of dj. I quickly took out my camera and capture the moment. Came out really well.

DSC0289 (4)

DeuBauge, Konkan. This is the place where river meets the sea. This is most secluded and empty beach I’ve ever been to. As I was enjoying the sunset I noticed these two British tourists doing something interesting. They would go in the river where the current is really high, and float, let the current take them to the sea and while floating they’d come to the shore. And get up watk back to the river and repeat. I rushed back to get my camera, I just had to capture this moment.

Goat (13)-2

I was sitting in a coffee shop in Khar, Mumbai. I saw few slum kids came and within minutes set up this arrangement and started to perform on it. This was the only girl, others were all boys yet she did most and hardest work. Reminding us again that a girl is worth 10 boys. What a balancing act it was, I took out my camera and went out there to click her.. the hero.


This man owns this small shop since last 40 years and as long as I’ve seen he comes to open this shop everyday, be it rain, be it flood or cruel summers. You can still get tea for Rs. 1 and lot of smile and laughter from him. Such is spirit of Kolkata.


Went to Nagpur for few days. That morning I woke up and went to a nearby shop for tea and breakfast. I noticed this man waiting in the bus stop with an umbrella behind his back, I wished I could have got my camera. Next day I went for breakfast and saw that man again same place with same umbrella waiting for the bus. I quickly got back and and got my camera. I just managed to click him from behind, when a bus came and stopped. An old lady about his age got down from the bus. He helped her get down and took her with him. I went to asked the shop owner about him. The shop owner said “It was his wife, very early morning he would drop her here to bus stop. She goes to nearby vineyard to work and he comes at this time to receive her, drops her home and then leaves for his work. Everyday. As long as I’ve known him.” Wow that was overwhelming.


This is Churcha Corollary, a small remote place in Chattishgrah. It host one of the biggest coal mines in Asia. I was blogging about the place and I needed some pics. So I went out there with my camera and in no time I was being followed by local kids. They were demanding anything they were just curiously looking at me and my camera. I told them if they go now I’ll click a good picture of them. they didn’t say anything, just smile and went away. A little bit later I turned back to see if they’ve gone.. what I saw was outstanding. I found my cover shot. After I clicked this.. they still didn’t say anything just smiled. 🙂


The life line of Mumbai, local trains. I was at friends place in Andheri and went up to the terrace for a smoke, is when I saw three trains come together at the same time. I rushed back in to get my camera. I was lucky the train were slow.


Admit it we’ve all done ti, scared the pigeons. This happened in somewhere in Mumbai. I was passing by when I saw this flock of pigeons. Took out my camera and rushed into them clicking in a spurr.


Somewhere near Chennai. The corn on the cob fry is being fried in dynamo operated oven. The flames creating a beautiful effect specially with love birds at the background. The flares of love.


I was on my way for a ferry ride near Gateway of India, Mumbai. I sat down to tie my shoelaces is when I noticed this frame. Clicked the gateway from this angle. Btw I forgot to tie my shoelaces.


A group of people visiting Mumbai getting clicked opposite The Taj, Mumbai.


 While doing a pre wedding shoot for a friend in Bangalore. We decided to shoot at the pool side on a hot stuffy Bangalore afternoon. While we were taking a break I noticed one of the really thirsty bird drinking from pool.


One a photowalk in Kolkata, this kid started to follow me wherever I was going, Initially I thought he was begging for money or some food. I was really concentrating hard on my frame is when I realized this sweet little child was asking me to click him. I was happy to shoot this. And again turned out to be the best shot of my photowalk.


Kolkata 2nd hoogly bridge. I was a clear shot of the bridge in the evening. I fixed my camera and took a test shot and got this. I was waiting for this boat to move out when we had an emergency and had to go back. Later when I looked into it.. I realized that this boat is adding a rather a good balance in the pic.


Kathihaar, Bihar (Nepal border). I was there to visit my cousin who was posted there as a senior engineer in Railways. While he was going to work I wanted to click him with his car. I got little late and his car already left, I managed to get the end of the car. Not bad eh?

angry bird

Dehradun, UK.. one afternoon I was bored as there’s nothing much to do. My friend went to sleep after a nice lunch. I wasn’t sleepy. I went to  their terrace and was reading a book. I noticed some birds fighting in a close by tree. I got my camera and took a couple of shots. Got these angry birds.

Thank you.

ps: If you are a photographer or love photographer and you don’t like to travel. Stop kidding yourself and don’t waste your time in photography.


4 thoughts on “30 Candid shots of India.

  1. Dear Shoumik,

    Some of the pictures are quite nice, however the heavy post processing and the added HDR (or if you’re coming from the RAW or NEF file sources with boosted clarity and detail) give the rest of the pictures a very wannabe feel. My advice, that you don’t want is to keep it simple, and you’ll go a long way.

    Also, love the “P.S.” at the end.

    Warm Regards,

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