Technically feminism is a collection of ideologies aimed at defining, establishing, and defending a state of equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.
While Feminism in India is all about pursuit of women’s rights within our society. Seeking equality.

What I think (personally this is just my opinion) that the stepping stone of this doctrine could have been much better. We all talk about success is a decision. Being happy is all in mind, if you believe you are happy you will be. Blah blah..

This is true..
To start with start believing and accepting you are already better off or you are a better person who deserves equal and much more then you get.

Like one said seeking equality is having a low aim. How true. Point is start believing it is done.. it should be inculcated deep within.

I know physically men are stronger and they take advantage (molesting, rape, domestic violence, mental harassment, marital torture etc) But these things only happen coz they believe they can do this to women coz they are weaker sex. If and only if Women starts believing they are better sex and strong and will fight back and not just accept terms, the day it’ll show their eyes the men will think twice before doing anything like that.

In another beautiful theory I was reading the other day, said that we (human) are moving towards christ consciousness slowly.. in the beginning there were two consciousness male and female and male dominance over female was bigger. As we progress into the future, as we grow more spiritual and get close to being higher being.. the two circles will get closer (the fight for equality, which is happening now). However we are very close to attain christ consciousness where the two circles will meet, will be one. There’ll be no difference. And that will be a beautiful day.

My mother raised me up and brought me up well.. I dont know about other men but I like to think that men in my generation and coming generation will be better evolved as humans. At least I and my kids will be.

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