Our heart has a mind of its own.

Neurocardiology has discovered in last couple of decades.. that heart has it own intrinsic nervous system, with network of brain cells with over 40 thousand neurons. This gives the heart to independently make decisions and process information. So basically scientist says you can think from your heart. Even the very advanced ancient Egyptians knew this.

Scientists are also understanding that electromagnetic force around a heart is phenomenal effect on not just your body, but, also others, around you.

What we were taught is, that heart is just a pumping machine which receives order from the brain. But what we weren’t taught that brain actually receives more orders from the heart.

Its true what we’ve learnt all our lives are coming to the edge of false information. A diversion perhaps.

A very intelligent race which understood all this and all the 10 dimensions, not only understood traveled between them.. as they knew dimensions are merely separated by wavelengths. Our reality or wavelength that we live in is 7.23 cm. And 7.23 is Om thats why the learned people meditate humming Om.

This 7.23 is exact distance between our eyes, plam of hand and other parts. The chakras in our body. The ancient culture knew this and they can travel from one dimension to other. But something happened, a dramatic event 13000 years ago that we have become oblivious of this knowledge and made to believe that brain is the ultimate tool and heart is merely a pumping machine.

Like most I know you’ll read this and say ‘meh’ what a piece of crap. Its not your fault. Its your brain who’s telling you think but in your heart you know.. “hmm interesting”. Explore.

Don’t just accept things.



Shoumik De


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