Oh, dear,Oh, m…

Oh, dear,
Oh, my gosh,
I hope that no one saw,
I wish nobody laughed,
I stumbled I toppled
What a predicament
It is bobbled.
Bruised my knee
Battered my ego
chase in vain
for an illusive rainbow
Oh, boy,
Oh my God,
Such a clod, such a dolt
Being a buffoon, i can’t afford
She came,
She saw,
She conquored.
I gaped,
I gulped,
I went bonkers.
Its hurting how
Its hurting why
You nincompoop
now sit and cry
No sir, I shall not
I’ve learnt my lesson
again, I shan’t fall
Oh, my,
Oh dear,
Look at that pretty girl
Talk to you later.


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