2013 a wrap up

What a fantastic year 2013 has been for me. So many up’s and if I look at them.. I can hardly see my downs from there. Image

This was the year where my business matured, got into a new level. I became more humble, spiritual and a much better and evolved human being thanks to Qnet. This is business is all about change (read from within).

Made so many good friends. Met such amazing and successful people in the business, got a chance to spend time with them and got to learn so much. I am so grateful. 

We did so many events, uncountable meetings with innumerable people and with every step there were so many amazing mentor-ship and guidance. Thank you so much for that. Specially Juhi, Deepak, Ruppi, Jay, Amy, Shahina, Dr. Rajtarangini, Chirag.

Biggest high was I opened the market in Kolkata (my home town) and that too with my best friend.

Qnet also launched so many new products and grown so much. It came out clean and on top of all the false allegations. I am only proud and very lucky to be a part of it. 2014 is going to be even better fatter richer and even more blessed.

There were certain lows as well which as I said I don’t even consider looking back at.. I learn from it. Mid year I started a habit, made a blessing box and said I would count my blessing each day, write it down and put it in the box for an year. Next year I will need a bigger much bigger jar I am sure. It’s been 5 months and jar is already full. I need a bigger jar already. So i am just going to count my blessings and being very thankful each day. Thank you Qnet.

One thing that I learnt from Qnet is, to do this business you don’t need to be genius, popular, smart or anything.. all you need is just be consistent.  

Thank you.

Shoumik De


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