Change is the way of life.

You must have heard a lot about change. Change this, change that, need a change etc. So what is change and where does it comes from? How does a change comes into a society or a revolution takes place? How?

The change comes from within. 

In last one year being a part of this business I’ve understood one thing that it was never about money or fame it was always about being a better person, it was always about the change. Everything else at one point of time in one’s journey becomes a by product of it. 

Its the way of life. Before I started this venture I was merely surviving or leading a life, but since last one year things have changed. I have started living. Life has become so beautiful and its full of joy. Now the attitude towards life is.. ‘you give me a challenge and I’ll show you an opportunity’.

Things don’t change for you, you must change it. Change the mindset. Change the situation that you are in. And it’s very simple, all you need to do is take a decision.. Yes I Will Change.

There are two sentences which are true… 

1. Yes I can.

2. No I can not.

If you decide Yes You Can then there’s no force in the universe that can stop you. Or if you decide No You Can’t then again there’s no force in the universe that could make you do it. Its all your decision and will to act upon it.

You can’t keep opening the same door and expect different things. You can’t keep doing the same thing in life and expect different results. You must do something different. This is what I’v learnt from VCON. I went to VCON for the first time thinking they teach me about how to do business. On the contrary they didn’t talk about business at all.. all they talked about is how one can bring changes in his life to be a better man, a better son, a better husband or a better human being. 

In VCON I met so many successful and rich people, they were all millionaires or billionaires perhaps, however they met me with such humbleness, gratitude and humility that I was bold over by their attitude towards life. They were sharing their stories of how they’ve changed and come to this place in life. And I decided that one day I want all those things for me, their mindset, their attitude towards life and their vision. If I get that, the money, success and fame will come along with it. It’s a package deal.

In last one year I’ve seen that change within me. My family and friends have seen the change within me. I am much better son, a friend or a man today. I am more humble, kind and treat people with respect. But before that…

I treat me with respect. Now that was missing in life which this business has made me believe and instilled within me. I must forgive myself, respect myself.. accept my failures and flaws, accept what I am and then rise above all that. If I expect others to love and respect me, then I must do the same to me first.

I wanna finish with a thought my friend Visha (@vishasuchde) had shared:

“I rescued a life that was heading towards an unhappy ending. It rescued me right back.”

Rescue yourself. Be the change. Bring the change.

Thank you,


Shoumik De

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