Lamhaat – Reviewed

ImageLamhaat (Moments) is a brilliant attempt towards recreating good old days of Urdu poetry. Poet Rajeev ‘Aatish’ Kohli has done justice to one of the most beautiful language in the world. Its a must read and must have in collection book.

The few lines from the book:

समंदर-ए-हर्फ़ हमने मोतियों की ख्वाहिश की 

कुछ लम्हात ज़िंदगी से हात आ ही गए 

And one of my most favorite one is when he talks about himself in the About me section:
में कौन जात कौन क्या पहचान बताऊँ 
कुछ खताएं खुद की कुछ ज़माने का बना हूँ 
And I am not giving out anymore of the awesomeness, go get your own copy. 
Dont worry if you dont know Urdu that well, with each stanza you’ll get translation.
Shoumik De

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