The realization.. that started it all..

All my life I was told that I cant do this or I cant do that. I’v been an average student through out my academic carrier however I was very good in sports and arts. Instead of acknowledging that fact everyone focused on how bad I did in my studies. I never studied to get marks, I always studied for knowing or gaining knowledge about a subject. But sadly this society doesn’t work that way. My parents always ignored that I was such a wonderful sportsman or an artist or a photographer but always taught me to get good marks in school and college so that I could get a good job which will ensure that I will be secured financially. This way I would have a house, a family and a secured life and salary at the end of the month.

Now in this kind of situation its very important to have a family. One must get married so that one can have children so that when they grow up they could take care of you from the time you stop working till you die. So like every middle class person I got a job, soon I got promotion and few years later I was earning very good salary and working in one of the best IT companies of the world. I use to look up to one of my senior manager, who would come to office in his big car and had a 3 bed room flat in a posh society in Bangalore. I wanted to be like him when I was 40 or 45 years old like him.

One beautiful morning when I reached office I learnt that my manager is fired, no prior notice no intimation and no heads up. He was just asked to leave right away because recession has hit the market and the company no longer can afford highly paid employees. I felt sad for him but since I am human I thanked God.. it wasn’t me. A week later I got a mail from that same manager asking my help in getting him a job or forwarding his CV to some HR people I know of my previous employers. He also mentioned that its hard to pay for the emi’s of the car and house from his wife’s salary. That shook me up. I began to think that what financial security were my parents talking about?? Where is the security? That man gave the company 8 years of his life, he worked days and night like a donkey and where is he today? The company didn’t even think twice before throwing him out. You know why? Because the man who holds all the strings on top doesn’t even know about my managers existence.

That day something changed in me. I no longer wanted to be like my manager by the age of 40. I wanted to be that man who holds the strings and I wanted to be like him fast. I didn’t wanted to wait till 40 because there is no security, there was never. What if something happens to me today? God forbid but an accident leaves me crippled or if I die who’ll take care of my old parents? Who look after my children and family? I realized that people who look for security all their life are the most unsecured people. People who never took any risk in life are the people who never achieved anything.

I wanted to do something of my own and the big question was what? How? For starting any traditional business or a venture of my own I would require a huge seed capital and even bigger working capital to make sure that it runs smoothly for at least 4 to 5 years so that I start seeing some break even forget earning from it. I obviously didn’t have that kind of money.

That’s when a good friend of mine introduced me to the concept of network marketing.

Now more I learnt about network marketing I realized that we do this in our daily lives unknowingly. For eg: we go see a movie and if we like it, we immediately call our friends and ask them to watch it. Or if we go to restaurant and love the food their we would talk about it to our friends or to acquaintance. The only difference here is we are getting paid for doing exactly that.

In one of the presentation by our senior leader Jignessh Mistry.. he said why do you want to do this business is following few reasons:

1. You are not happy in whatever situation you are into in your life. Accept that. And this business can change that situation for you.

2. It is affordable. The biggest problem in our middle class people’s life is “We cant afford it”. That’s exactly the problem we are trying to solve here.

3. Where else can one make big money with extremely low investment.

4. This is the only industry that has only grown stronger in last 80 years.

5. The only industry which made millions during recession.

Those are the few points which hit me.

I also learnt that only time this one fails in this business is the day he decides to quit. When people say “this doesn’t work or networking market doesn’t work, I have tried. I know one of my relative he invested a lot and he failed.” What they exactly mean is they dont work. They failed doesn’t mean the industry doesn’t work. There are many living examples who made fortune out of this business simply because they didn’t quit.

Now why Qnet? And not some xyz company. Very simply if I may put it is if I want to do this I want to do this with the best. There is no company in this world which comes even close to competing with Qnet. Its billion dollar company with presence in over 60 countries with regional office and head office in about 30 countries. The founder of the company is in the July 2011 issue of Forbes Asia, he was named as one of the 48 Heroes of Philanthropy.

In short Qnet is Ferrari of networking marketing business. Frankly speaking I dont even care what people call it… I just know this… all my life the security that my parents were talking about, they never got working all their lives and I never found it in my 11 years of corporate carrier… but today I found that security in Qnet.

For me for my parents and my family. Qnet is that security.


Shoumik De


9 thoughts on “The realization.. that started it all..

  1. I like the way you started off with your corporate life experience. I agree that security shall not be given more importance than one’s passion. Following the latter, the former will come eventually.

  2. Kushal Wikipedia is based on opinions.. its very much active and growing bigger everyday.. its totally ethical and legal.. its plan and simple ecommerce.. wanna know more call me 7276014400

  3. Kushal…Qnet is growing everyday ethically…I am talking based on industry facts. Wikipedia/Google themselves don’t support any matter mentioned on their website in their disclaimer.
    If you want to check how deep the river is,its better to put your foot atleast before jumping in :).If all well,then only you will enjoy your swimming.

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