The art of Objection Handling.

Objection handling is one of the art in our business if perfected could help close 99% of the plans. 

I would like to begin with sharing one of the experience of our very senior partner and core infiniti leader Sachin Gupta, which was shared by my uplines Juhi and Deepak Farmania. After showing a plan to a prospect of Juhi and Deepak the prospect said “So its like chain marketing, something like that company and this company etc.. blah blah” and he went for 15 minutes.. and when he stopped Sachin Gupta looked up at him and simple said “So?” And that prospect was dumbfounded, cat caught his tongue. All he could manage to say is “aa.. so nothing.. was just saying.” Sachin Gupta said “So how would you like to start?” And that prospect sign up there on 7 header.

The point is it was the conviction and confidence of Sachin Gupta in the business that helped close the deal.

The biggest objection is in our own heads. We face objections because we ourselves aren’t 100% convinced about the business and power of it that can change our lives. The day we’ll have that conviction on the business and the day we start believing that we are changing lives for better.. that will be the day we can handle any objections coming our way. Moreover I bet from that day we will not face any objections.

Sometime back one person told me that she doesn’t wanna do this business because its some kinda money laundering. I laughed at her and explained her the meaning of money laundering and then I told her that in fact you do money laundering yourself on a daily basis. She asked me how? I asked her don’t you buy things online? She said yes but that’s simple transaction, I use my credit card and the product is delivered to my house. I told her that’s exactly what we do. However the difference between them and us is they don’t pay you anything if recommend your friend to buy something from their site.. but we do and we do handsomely. 🙂

Remember our is the only network marketing organization which has not lost any legal case in any jurisdiction of the world.

Remember this that the biggest scam in the world is “go to office come back home” which will never let you have what you really deserve in life.

I would like to end it by saying before we talk to people about this we should have that faith and conviction within about this business and this company or you will never be able to transfer the faith into others.

Shoumik De


7 thoughts on “The art of Objection Handling.

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