Mere Karan Arjun Ayenge

“Mere Karan Arjun ayenge” one of the very famous dialogue from a very popular Bollywood movie, which mean “My (two sons) Karan Arjun will come to me”. That has become my motto after coming back from Jakarta and after listening to Chief who gave us a mission..

“Find your two and you will find your two.”

Such a simple line and yet so profound meaning attached with it. Initially when I came back I thought to myself forget reading books and watching DVD’s or anything else let me find two people quickly and finish this off. May be I would be the fastest to complete F2. I was so sure as I have so many friends and close one that they would definitely believe in me and join me into this. Forget F2 I could do a F10 in a week.

However I fell flat on my face when all those same close ones and friends refused me on my face.. refuse to pick up my calls. I was shocked. I kept trying, kept getting people on table somehow but rejections after rejections. One girl came to the table, loved the plan, gave a cheque of 3 Lakh 10 thousand INR and left. After that I never heard from her, her phone is switched off since then. I did not deposit the cheque for obvious reasons. I didn’t understand what happened. I didn’t understand why aren’t people signing up. Where is the problem?

I ran to my upline. I asked what is the problem? My upline told me “You are the problem, and the problem is in your head. You think you can do it all by yourself? And you tried. Failed. Now do as I tell you.” I said ok tell me what should I do different? My upline told me “Read books and watch DVD’s and you’ll see the difference.”

I am not making this up but I saw the result in few days.. I got my F1. I dont know how or why or what but there’s something about those books and DVD’s and its all about listening and following upline. Copy what they do. Register what they say. Act.

And most importantly… do activity.

I am certain before this friday I will find my F2 or rather lets say it this way my ‘two’ will find me.


Shoumik De


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