Who is the Alien?

Note: This story is written by my very talented friend Aditi Bahadur when she was merely 15. What a visionary. God Bless you Aditi.. may you write many more stories and get them published. 
The Earth is said to be 4 millon years old and created by a Big Bang. Who told us this? It’s something we know. There was extensive research on this by geologists, scientists, speacailists, etc. That is how much I know and pretty much everyone knows but what if that’s just half the truth? What if there’s a lot more? What if there’s a secret? What if…A long time ago, a very long time ago, a very, very, very time ago. To be more precise about 40,00000000 years ago. There was a planet called Galio. Galio was much like earth only much larger and was made of an element called Scrometium, an element not available on Earth, no where. There were three types of living beings that lived there the Nakarmas, the Hoomrooms and the Qui’s.
The Nakarmas were the superior beings, they were born superior. Their bodies were superior. They were not forms of carbon. They were forms of tungsten. They skin could withstand fire, they were the most intelligent, they were large and they were certainly not modest about their superiority. The lived in the purified areas. Only for themselves. The Hoomrooms could only enter if they took a medicine called ‘Cathod’ and rub ‘purifying lotion’ made of a certain synthetic material. The Qui’s were strictly not allowed to breathe the same air as the Nakarmas. If the Nakarmas ever even was near a Qui then there was a huge ceremony of purification. However, there were different means of torture. Leaving out all the rest the Qui’s were treated like dirt and badly tortured.
Well, as usual most people were born to follow and only some people who actually lead, that’s exactly what happened.
Most of the Qui’s were just depressed but, there was one who actually wanted the Qui’s to be treated equally and they knew it wasn’t going to be in this planet.
Zillat, a young man with very good base of science wanted to make a new planet. Only one person knew Zillat was not full Qui, his mother. His mother was a Qui and his father was a Nakaram. Zillat was 21 years old. His mothers name was Zini and fathers name was Illat. They met near a river while Zini was collecting some water for herself and Illat was strolling around the river. She was the most the most beautiful women he had seen and Zini thought he was extreamly charming. They fell in love and soon were in a relationship. They mated and had a wonderful son but Illat was detected as a contamination and then killed. That son was Zillat.
Zillat was born to be a leader. He grew up and by the time he was 21 he started building a planet, a specail planet, the beautiful Earth.
He decided that Earth was going to be the planet of the Qui’s…
Earth had to be a lot like Galio. Suitable living conditions, gravity, oxygen, correct temperature, etc. But, one thing was different he had to create another element as scrometium would only survive in the position Galio was in, 1st, right in front of the sun. That’s way the Nakarams could withstand heat. The Hoomroom’s could withstand heat but the Qui’s could not they used to melt that’s why most them lived at the poles.
Earth was finally ready when Zillat was at the age of 23. Earth took off by itself and laded on the third position near the sun.
Now Zillat was trying to work on a way to transport people now. He realized people were a lot more difficult to transport then a planet as people are weaker then planets. He started to work on a way to transport people to Earth. But before he did that he had to make cells to know if living things can survive.
20 years later-
A pathway discovered ( Written by Zillat)
I found it, it took me twenty years, twenty years as I now embark this journey, my people are being tormented even more , it’s time we Qui’s left, all of us. Enough of all this cruelty. I’m just back from my planet, Earth has turned out quite well. The cells I planet are no more just the unicellular cells I made, they have turned into these gigantic creature, I named them dinosaurs. They are carbon compounds and each living form on each will be a carbon compound. Anyways, the escape route is in the ocean ‘Galiowan’, an escape from Galio. Unfortunately only a few of us Qui’s will survive.
It requires swimming deep into the ocean. There’s a pit. The pit sucks in a living body if they are carbon forms. After being sucked in the pit you arrive in a vacuumed tube and fall into a dense liquid and them fall onto the lap of my daughter, Earth…

A secret disclosed-
What? How can we leave Galio, it’s where we belong, it’s where we were born. I did expect more eagerness from the Qui’s. But I understood , they were scared and apprehensive. How could they believe me? what if Earth was a lie? How could I create another planet like Galio? I could understand their apprehension, it did sound very strange. But then my strong convincing powers played in and I ended up making them quite eager to leave Galio and become inhabitants of Earth.

Goodbye Galio-
We started our journey from the crack of dawn. It was an emotional affair, people and a sense of eagerness in them and as we were almost in the ocean every Qui looked back once, saw Galio for the last time. I remember my mothers gaze, it was as if her eyes were glued to Galio and then she said to me “Son, I love you, you were the reason I lived through all this betrayal, you are the light of my eyes”, that was actually the first time she said something like that to me, I only hope she could withstand the force of the pit and live a happy life on Earth.I also had a sense of guilt for not telling the full truth, no one except me knew that only half these people would come out alive…

The journey-
Finally we were all ready to go. All of us swam in deep in and after the emotional moment a few minutes before this was an emotionless moment.
This was like a secret pathway out of Galio, I have a theory, what if every planet had a secret pathway out? Anyways, this was really not the time for theories. We entered the pit.

The transition-
Sucked in, that moment was just so strange. The force, the pressure, it all felt as if it was tearing me apart. Then series of changes my body was going through first the vacuum, then the dense liquid.
I felt like I was floating and I don’t remember what happened after that but things getting darker, I couldn’t hear and I passed out.

I opened my eyes. I felt so dazed and feeble. I was staring at the vast sky of dusk.
I passed out again.
I felt the light under my closed eye lids. It was energizing. In fact it was the reason I woke. I stood up, stared at the serene beauty, I felt like I owned this beauty. I looked around and to my satisfaction most of the people were alive but unfortunately some couldn’t make it. I felt the best when I saw my mothers face. This was our place now, a place for the Qui’s but, unlike Galio, this is a place where every living creature would enjoying equal rights and live in peace and harmony.

Life on Earth-
Earth is a lot like Galio but, there is a lot of diversity in nature. There are sub species to the species I created. It was here that I realised the scarce population of the Qui’s. I estimated that in the next 10-20 years there won’t be any pure Qui’s.

Galio’s fate and it’s effect on Earth.
10 years later-
We moved just in time. A big meteoroid hit Galio, it’s just dust now. It made us feel terrible. A part of the meteoroid hit Earth. There was shortage of food for many days. The gigantic creatures just died.

The Apes-
There were many new species. The most unique were Apes. My guess is that they evolved from monkeys. They are a lot like us Qui’s, they walk on their hind limbs and are quite intelligent and have a significantly higher IQ than the other species.

The humans
As I had estimated there would be no pure Qui’, I turned out to be right. There are these new species called humans, half Ape and half Qui. They have an IQ even more than Apes and Qui’s. Their population is increasing day by day…

Somewhere, lies the soul of Zillat, he achieved more than anyone has achieved in a life time. Somewhere is the dust of the ruined Galio and somewhere is an escape from Earth and somewhere someone tries to write want to be science fiction based on made up theories. Somewhere some who asks this insignificant question-

“Who is the Alien? ”

The End…

Aditi Bahadur

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