Marble Eyes…

Author’s note: This is dedicated to Medha… the sweetest girl with prettiest eyes I’v ever met.

I was a vagrant

I was a nomad..

A vagabond..

Wandering was my destiny

Nothing ever stopped me..

Not those unforgiving, fathomless oceans

Nor those endless blue skies…

Until one day

I saw those beautiful..

Marble eyes…


Tis, are so pretty

And was so vivacious

One could drown in merry

And see thy future

Tis, was so profound…

That it held many stories within..

Of the beauty

That doth prevailed

Many lovers cries..

Thinking about those..


Marble eyes…


You came

Like you had never left…

You met me first time

Like we’ve always been meeting

In some unknown, unspoken, unexplored place…

Drawn into thy innocence

And into thy simplicity…

My sorrow, my pain, my lassitude dies…

When I look into those…


Marble Eyes…


Shoumik De


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