Cafe Madhushala

Best bar of Mysore even smaller then one in my own house. Anyhow I asked the bar tender to give me a large Glendale on rocks. Bar tender looked at me for a while and then said “Sorry sir”
I repeated the order.
“Aaaa…. Aaaaa…” He looked towards head waiter and called him “Aye Mangoo baani, begaa baani siraa.”( Mangoo = Boy, Baani = Come. Begaa = Fast/Hurry Up, Siraa = Sir)
The head waiter approached me and politely asked me “Sir? What you want sir?”
“I want a large peg of Glendale on rocks.”
“What’s that sir?”
“It’s a drink… Scotch!!… Kind of single malt Whisky!!”
“Oh you want whisky?”
“No. I want a Scotch.”
“Sorry Sir… we don’t have that sir”
“Ok what do you have, Black Dog?
“No sir”
Chivas Regal?
“No Sir”
Jack Daniels?”
“No sir”
“Jesus Christ!!” I swear.
“No Sir”
I looked at his face for a while in utter disbelief. I didn’t know should be angry for his foolishness or should I pity him for his ignorance.

Shoumik De


6 thoughts on “Cafe Madhushala

  1. hey … do u have a story in this chicken soup for the indian women? i just got this book last week… havent started it though.. yet to finish the previous one… which story is yours?

  2. hey solutionbaba…
    i read ur story … it is a great story… camera and pen dono ko chalane mein adept hai aap! the story gave me goosebumps really… all mothers are really great … their selfless love is just like God’s gift of permanent love for us..

    great narration … please unlock some more stories from ur blog…

    just so that u recognise me this time… this is tok_mishti_doi once again :0 (many names same person) 🙂

  3. Oh Tok Mishti Doi 🙂 Hi

    Thank you so much for the enouragement.. I am humbled. The stories which are locked are getting published.. so it’s not in my hands to make them public. Very soon you shall read’em in some books. :))

    Thanks again.

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