BOOKSTOP! Sip & Browse

Remember the Hollywood blockbuster “You got mail”, it featured a cosy book store around the corner which was run by passion more than anything else. Now Bangalore got one just like that. The place which is run by bibliophiles, a sweet couple Jayanti and Venkat. They have left the vicious corporate circle and made their passion their business. Bookstop is the perfect place for the book lovers.

What makes it special and unique? At Bookstop you will get to interact, learn, know and get cream de la cream books from the best authors.  It’s a great place for one who are just beginning to start reading… not only one would get a good suggestions but also would get a good discount on most of the books. Jayanti’s passion for reading and for books is contagious. And its shows in this cute little place.

Bookstop has wide range of books both new as well as pre-owned. There are Fiction, Non Fiction, History, Travel, Philosophy/Spirituality, Self-Help, Management, Business, etc for easy browsing. One would say ‘so every bookstore has the same sections’. Yes they do, but what others don’t have is book reading sessions for children. If you want your children to get interested in books, Bookstop is the best place where you can send them. Moreover whats even more special here is the ambience of the place, amongst all the lovely book what do you need most? Coffee! Well you dont have to go far, there’s a coffee machine right at the corner. Coffee, Books and Conversation what an awesome combination.

Moreover one can also get the signed copy of the featured books of the month. For all books related events it’s a one stop shop. Bookstop! Sip & Browse #485, KBH Colony, 5th Block, Koramangala, Near Jyothi Nivas College.

All I want to add is if the book collection will sweep you off your feet, the discounts will hold you back.

Shoumik De


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