Nonentity (n.) non·en·ti·ty (n n- n t -t ). n. pl. non·en·ti·ties. 1. A person regarded as being of no importance or significance. 2. Nonexistence.
One day you wake up with a heavy head. You fell like you’ve been sleeping forever. You feel restless, you uneasy, you feel you cant breath. You need to break free. You think of me. You want to talk to me. You pick up your phone and try to find my name in the last dialed numbers… but you find none… strange!! You check your contact list and you are surprised to find out there’s no entry of my name. You double check the dialed list and received calls. There is still no trace of me. You get up from the bed and switch on your laptop. You desperately wait till it shows the desktop and connects to internet. You check the messengers and all the social networking sites to find me. You don’t find me in your friends list. You don’t find me your messenger list. You check your mailbox for my mails but there aren’t any. You do a name search for me in the networking sites and other search portals but it produces zero result for the person you are looking for. The person you are looking for virtually doesn’t exist.

You sit back in the chair in disbelief. You try to figure out what did you miss. You try to figure out whats going on. You jog back your memory; you go back to the time, you try to recollect the memories of the time you had spent with me. Those long walks you took, those cab rides around the city, those evenings spent in the favorite pub. You get a rude shock when you don’t see me in your memory. It was just you, while taking that walk, on the cab rides and in that pub at the corner table. It was just you. Alone!! There was never me. I never existed. It was just a fragment of your imagination.

You feel lost. You suddenly feel so empty. You want to shout. You want to cry. You realize all this while it was just like a dream and you just woke up to a harsh reality. There was never me, it was you… alone… always. All those places you went, you went alone. All the things you did, you did that alone. All the never-ending conversations, it was with yourself. Your head aches, like it will explode. You want to scream but you cant. You feel like someone is pressing you down, grabbing your throat, you cant breath. You think that this is not possible, this cant be happening. It felt so real, it felt so true. You head begins to hurt more. A sharp sounds fills your head. The sound is similar. You’ve heard that sound before. You wanna get to the sound and stop it. But you don’t know what is it. It coming from somewhere close. You try to reach out for it, your hand grabs something, involuntary you fingers press a button and sound stops. You hear someone’s voice from distance… “hello… hello… honey you there?” You get the phone closer to your ear and the voice says “Honey can you hear me, wake up its 11 AM, I am coming to pick you up for lunch in an hour, get ready. Love you bye.” You sit up in your bed, panting, gasping for breath, sweating, you look at the phone in your hand. You check the last received call… it was from me.

But perhaps this is a dream and the one that you wake up from was reality.

Shoumik De


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