My friend Tushi

Ravishing, elegant, beautiful and wild
You had a spark in your eyes like a child…
Heart skipped a beat, on your first sight
Brain and ma heart indulged in an instant fight

Those were some enchanting days
Ideating in MMB café or preparing for that play
Remember Ali da’s coffee over small talks
And remember those long walks

Then, the class of 99 ended and you went away
Without saying a word, as if there wasn’t anything to say
T’is wasn’t how it was suppose to end
Some desires remain unfulfilled, some just remain friend

Looked for you here and searched you there
Didn’t leave a tiny space n kept looking everywhere
Haven’t forgotten anything, your eyes and your smile
Oh so pretty those memories with you that lingered all the while

Now that I found you again, will never let go
Until Rigor mortis settles in, and they put me 6 feet below
One is honored to befriend you and dazzled by your allure
For the perpetuity my love for you shall endure

Shoumik De


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