Ode to Shreshtha

Note: To my favorite little sister.

Ta dum… pum… dushhh…
Along came Tush!!IMG_3747

A beautiful little girl… so pretty… so cute…
Like a princess..  treated with every detail minute…
Such a precious gift to us all,
Velvet carpets were laid when you first started to crawl.

SHO_6950i-2Definitely not an easy child…
Extremely rigid and remarkably wild…
Made us all cry while trying feed you,
101 tricks to make you eat, that only Ajay knew.

Ajay reminds me of your first carrier…
There were also two body guards, ferocious Alsatian, and that cute Fox terrier…
Never seen you anywhere except on Ajay’s shoulder,
He would carry you everywhere, wonder how he never got any older.

Lovely young lady…  were turning out to be…SHO_6951i-2
Leaving behind the incredible childhood memory,
Remember… running around the house, chased by my dog ‘Pepsi’
Jumping on the sofas, standing on the table or hiding behind ‘Papai ki mummy’

SHO_6952i-2Studied in auspicious Scindia school…
A rebel by birth… never followed any rule,
Always topped in the class yet she’s the coolest girl on the floor,
Brightest girl in college campus… must agree… Vellore.

SHO_6953i-2Half a bit of oil paint, a charcoal and a color pastel…
Gifted artist that you are, create colorful magic on canvas,
Brushes and spatulas, pallet and easel…
Mix it up and make it nice, Pop! goes the weasel.

SHO_7114Thou art different from all other…
Killer humor doh! You are a female Homer,
You are the rock star, people dare not snub…
Coz you are The Bride in this Fight club.

You are wittier than Calvin funnier than Hobbes…
One to mess with you ends up the corner and sobs,
I wish you all the love and world full of happiness…
One day the entire world will bow to you, for the talent that you possess.SHO_7082

Ta dum pum… dushhh…. God Bless you… Tush.

Shoumik De


3 thoughts on “Ode to Shreshtha

  1. i wish my brother too wrote me smth like that!….. hmm….wat the heck i love him nyway! haha…loved this piece of writin baba ji!! 🙂

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