What women want?

Perhaps one of the most sought after questions in the history of mankind. The wise the philosophers the great thinkers of the world have pondered upon to this very question and have not been able to come up with satisfactory answers. What is it really that a women wants? Is it money? Is it fame? A big house? A rich husband?

Women have been deprived of a lot of things since the beginning. They have been certainly deprived of basic necessities of Liberty, education and employment.

Dominated by the male society she is often considered as a gentler or a fairer sex, a care giver and less aggressive than men.

Though today’s women have come a long way through fighting for their rights of being counted as equal. They have better understood themselves and their capacity to overcome the norms of culture and tradition. In all walks of life woman has empowered herself in all her relationship spanning from being a wife, a friend, a mother or a sister to her professional commitments that make her a manager, a supervisor or even a CEO. She has successfully integrated the dual roles to form a persona that was a dream once upon a time.

She has managed to take inspiration from the likes of Julia Roberts, Indira Gandhi, and Mother Teresa…just a name a few.

Today women are looking for different avenues to explore and prove their worth of making a plausible difference to the society. She is deriving her freedom of expression from those who have made a mark in the society.

She is more aware of her needs and wants, than that she was 50 years from now. Different women can have different needs and wants. Say perhaps if you ask you 15 year of girl what she wants, she would wants to be rich and famous or perhaps a handsome boyfriend.

If ask the same question to a woman in her mid twenties probably she will say she wants to be happily married, a loving self sufficient family. Or maybe she would like to have a very successful career and loving and supportive husband.

Women have often been described as complex structures. Firstly what they really wants is rarely congruous with what she really needs. Women have a talent for saying one thing and meaning something else entirely. It is most incredibly frustrating for a man to understand. Best the topic remains untouched at the moment

Though it worth thinking why this disparity exists between what a woman says and what she actually wants. This is because we as women prefer to use their right brain. This is responsible for creativity and emotional “fuzzy” logic; hence men often claim that they can neither live with nor without them.

Women don’t like being explicit. They prefer when a man can “infer” what she means. That’s what they call ’sensitivity’, and it’s a highly desired trait in men. Scientists call this type of precognition “emotional intelligence”, i.e. the ability to manage one’s current state of mind during an emotional response.

What seems to be the eternally most complex intricate question does actually has a simple answer. What women want is emotional and physical freedom. Yes freedom is what is most essential. Freedom to live her life the way she wants it, to choose the road she wants to travel. Freedom from the argumentative bonds of society. Freedom to be whatever she is.

Shoumik De
Edited by: Deepti Kamble


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